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Sister Wives spoilers: Meri Brown reveals more details of her online love life

Sister Wives Season 6 is over, but on Sunday, TLC will bring the Browns together for a two hour tell-all, during which Meri will reveal everything’s that been going on with her this season.

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Image: TLC

There are a lot of personalities on reality television that we in the actual world wouldn’t want to be, and on this season of Sister Wives, one of those people is Meri Brown. She divorced Kody so he could adopt Robyn’s kids, and has essentially been out to sea on her own since, even while she deals with health problems. On the season finale, Meri told the family she’s thinking of leaving, and viewers know that more than a little of that has to do with her online affair, which resulted in Meri being catfished. And, in the manner of season finales, it ended before we could find out what was about to happen.

This Sunday night, the Browns will gather together for a two hour tell-all event, when Meri will open up about her affair, including what drove her to seek solace online — feelings of loneliness and isolation in her marriage and her life overall. The other Browns, including Kody, whose non-reaction to Meri’s announcement in the season finale garnered anger from fans, will announce their plans to stick by Meri.

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Fans have been keeping track of Meri’s catfishing scandal (it’s hard not to, if you’ve ever been on the Internet), but the show has been slow to reveal it. There have certainly been teasers, and knowing what we know, every time Meri’s been at her computer or in her office has elicited jokes and suspicion. While the Browns seem to be declaring their support for Meri in the face of all this, and it’s not looking like she’s actually going to leave, this can’t be a great time for the family, especially with Christine and Janelle being open about their feelings that Robyn is Kody’s favorite. If she did decide to leave, Meri wouldn’t be the first of the Brown wives to take some time away — Janelle left the family after the birth of her fifth child, and refused to return until Kody was able to get a bigger space for them to live. While this is hardly the same situation, it gives fans reasons to believe that the Browns can stick it out together.

Christine and Truely
Image: TLC

Will you be watching Sunday’s tell-all? Do you think Meri will leave? Can the Browns stick together through this one? Should they?

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