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The Voice: Jordan Smith’s performance leaves fans in tears

Several fans — and coaches — on The Voice think of Jordan Smith as this season’s guy to beat. He has yet to let his rapidly growing fan base down, and after tonight’s performance, viewers are more excited about his voice than ever!

It’s perfectly normal for frontrunners to emerge during the early round of The Voice, but even among these talented singers, few have been as naturally gifted as Jordan Smith. It was obvious the first time he appeared on The Voice that he was destined to make the final round — and tonight, this was more evident than ever.

Jordan Smith
Image: NBC

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Tonight, Smith played up his strengths with an awe-inspiring rendition of “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” Prior to his performance, Smith explained that his ultimate goal was to show fans his true self. He holds numerous fond memories of singing hymns such as this in church with his family, as well as recollections of his amazing experiences with his college choir — including an appearance at the Vatican. These experiences helped to shape Smith into the brilliant singer he is today.

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Although his voice alone would have been enough to wow the audience, Smith’s performance was taken to the next level with its vulnerability. This was a a direct result of Adam Levine’s smart decision to avoid background music. All that was required was a little bit of piano. Often, simpler is better on The Voice. Smith certainly proved this tonight; he didn’t need a lot of flair to stand out.

Jordan and Adam
Image: NBC

Smith’s song would have been sufficiently poignant on its own, but it took on a whole new meaning in the aftermath of last week’s tragedy in Paris. The coaches acknowledged as much while chatting with Smith after his remarkable performance. Shelton mentioned the “horrible things that happened over in Paris” and how they had left him with a very heavy heart these past few days. He and the other coaches thanked Smith for offering up a truly amazing performance.

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Needless to say, The Voice‘s fans adored Smith’s performance. Several got incredibly emotional while he was up on stage. These fans quickly took to Twitter to admit that they had been moved to tears.

Smith was already a top iTunes seller prior to tonight, but he will be that much more successful now that his hymn has caused such an outpouring of emotion. Great things are in the future for this talented singer and, maybe, one of those great things will be a victory on The Voice.

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