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Charlie Sheen’s HIV confession could lead to legal repercussions

Charlie Sheen’s HIV secret is bigger than just his health.

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According to Hollywood publicist and crisis manager Howard Bragman, who spoke with People, Sheen’s scheduled interview with the Today show to discuss his battle with the disease could bring a lot of legal issues for the actor.

“The interview could open up a lot of sympathy for him, but he has to be concerned about a fear of litigation from former sexual partners,” Bragman explained. “You don’t take that lightly.”

Bragman told the outlet that he was approached by Sheen’s people six months ago for help dealing with the news that Sheen was HIV-positive. He said he spoke with Sheen’s team but never worked with the actor directly.

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“It’s been going on for quite awhile [sic]. He’s not necessarily comfortable talking about it. It was very hard to get up the courage for him to talk about it,” Bragman said.

He added, “I’ve known about this a long time, it’s not a surprise to me. I feel very sorry for his pain. And I hope it’s used as a teachable moment for the world. This is a disease that can affect anyone.”

Sheen has struggled with drug addiction problems for a while now. He has also admitted to soliciting prostitutes in the past. Though the details of how, exactly Sheen contracted HIV are currently unknown.

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Sheen has yet to comment publicly on the news.

And Today has yet to confirm what, exactly, Sheen will be discussing in the interview, though they did say in a press release that he will be making a “revealing personal announcement.”

Will you tune in to watch Sheen’s Today show interview tomorrow morning?

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