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18 Celebrity tributes to the victims of the Paris attacks

Given that celebrities’ voices have the power to reach millions at a time, it’s no surprise that some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have been speaking out about the horrific terrorist attacks that took place in Paris on Friday. From Madonna to David Beckham, here are some of the most powerful celebrity tributes to the victims of Paris.

1. Coldplay

Instead of live-streaming a concert of their new material as they were set to do over the weekend, Coldplay played a few old songs, as well as John Lennon’s “Imagine,” and dedicated it to the people of Paris.

2. Madonna

Madonna almost canceled her concert in Stockholm over the weekend, but she decided against it. “It’s been really hard, actually to get through the show because in many ways, I feel, I feel torn,” Madonna said. “Like, why am I up here dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones. However, that is exactly what these people want to do. They want to shut us up. They want to silence us. And we won’t let them.” She then performed “Like a Prayer.”

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3. David Beckham

David Beckham posted a photo to his Instagram of the sun rising near the Eiffel Tower, along with a heart-felt message.

4. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift also posted a photo and message to Instagram, letting the victims know that everyone is thinking of them.

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5. Kevin Séraphin

French NBA player Kevin Séraphin got an outline of the city cut into the back of his hair.

6. Justin Bieber

During his concert on Friday, Justin Bieber broke down while leading a prayer for the city.

7. Beyoncé

Beyoncé shared this simple message on her Instagram account.

8. Sam Smith

Sam Smith posted a photo of the Eiffel Tower, along with a message of his disbelief over the horrific situation.

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9. Jared Leto

Jared Leto changed his profile picture on all of his accounts to a shot of the French flag.

10. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus shared a quote of President Obama’s about Paris on her Instagram account.

11. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes shared a photo of the One World Trade Center, which was lit up with the colors of the French flag over the weekend.

12. U2

U2 canceled their upcoming concert in light of the attacks and simply joined mourners in Paris near the Bataclan theater. The band led a crowd of people laying flowers down and lighting candles.

13. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga also changed her profile picture on her social media accounts by adding a blue, white and red filter. She’s added a few photos, paying tribute to Paris, including this one of blue, white and red flowers.

14. One Direction

On Saturday, One Direction held a moment’s silence for the victims of Paris.

15. John Oliver

HBO’s Last Week Tonight host John Oliver let everyone know his feelings on the attacks in a seriously candid monologue. “After the many necessary and appropriate moments of silence, I’d like to offer you a moment of premium cable profanity,” Oliver said. Warning: NSFW.

16. Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)

After the attacks, Bey released a new song, “NO Colonial Fiction.” Bey gave an interview with journalist Ferrari Sheppard, in which he discussed the attacks. “None of this stuff is separated,” Bey said. “Everything from Tamir Rice to [the] Paris shootings to what’s happening to the students in the University of Missouri… to what I’ve been experiencing in the negative in South Africa. It’s all connected. It’s all the same thing.”

17. Justin Bieber

On Nov. 16, Bieber wrote a heartfelt tribute to his friend Thomas who was killed in Paris.

18. Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Image: WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment

The royal couple visited the French Embassy on Nov. 17 to pay their respects. They signed the book of condolences with the following statement: 

“To all those who have died and were injured in the heartless attacks in Paris, and to all the people in France: Nos plus sincères condoléances [our deepest condolences].”

Have you posted a tribute to Paris?

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