Kim Zolciak draws harsh criticism over 'fake,' heavily 'Photoshopped' photo

Nov 16, 2015 at 10:54 a.m. ET

There is no denying Kim Zolciak is a gorgeous woman, with a stunning figure, but are the pictures she shares on Instagram a true reflection of what she looks like?

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This is a question fans and critics alike have been asking after Zolciak shared a recent pic of herself in a bikini, one which, according to Us Weekly, looks very different from the picture snapped by the paparazzi on Friday, Nov. 13 — while she was enjoying a beach holiday in Cancun, Mexico.

The Instagram picture in question shows Zolciak flaunting her svelte figure in a black bikini. She captioned it with, "So many comments asking about My bathing suit it is from @themissap also about my diet, even on vacation I bring @310nutrition I'm not a breakfast eater so my shake is meal replacement! I drink a ton of water everyday Penta is the only water I tend to drink. I eat dessert every night after dinner, whether it's a few bites of cake, a cookie etc I love chocolate. You can definitely pinch an inch or 5 for that matter but I love to live and I love to eat."

Kim Zolciak receives harsh backlash over bikini picture
Image: Kim Zolciak/ Instagram

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But fans are calling foul and have blasted Zolciak for looking "fake" and "Photoshopping" her picture. Comments on the picture include, "Oh lawd bad photoshop job," "Fake! It's plastic surgery & photoshop," and "TMZ has pics of her at the beach...they look nothing like this picture, PHOTOSHOP BIG TIME!"

"You're not fooling anyone Kim. 99.9% photoshop, and it is not even well done. The belly button gives it away," kateschiavone shared.

And ali_simmons_37 wrote a lengthy message about how Zolciak should not be embarrassed by her "real" looks.

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She wrote, "She should fire whoever did this photoshop, looks fake. We've seen the paparazzi pic on the beach taken on the same day and she looks nothing like THIS. I don't understand Why are u so embarrassed to show the REAL you?! We should never be embarrassed of ourselves, besides this sends the wrong message to people who look up to you and sets wrong and unreal beauty standards. #HollywoodIsSoFake."

Do you think Kim Zolciak has Photoshopped her picture? Or does she just look different in this costume from the one she was snapped in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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