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A key Quantico recruit turns themself in: Why it’s the beginning of the end

The season is winding down, and with only two episodes left, our suspect list is getting shorter and shorter—but now that this agent has finally turned herself in, the FBI may be too blind to listen to the truth.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

What is Parrish doing? Freedom was within reach on Quantico tonight, but instead of making a break for it, Alex Parrish turned herself in to the people least likely to listen to her: the FBI. And with Caleb’s dad burying emails that could potentially exonerate her (or at least make her look less guilty), we have zero hope that they’re going to listen to her theories about who the real terrorist is.

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But let’s talk about Caleb for a minute, because holy heartbreak! Who knew Caleb was going to turn out to be one of our favorite characters? He’s definitely had the biggest turnaround, character-wise, and his confession to Shelby tonight made our skeptical little hearts melt. His attention to detail and seeming interest in the truth may just be the very thing that helps clear Parrish’s name too, if integrity (and more than a few daddy issues) keep him from deleting those suspicious emails.

Caleb wasn’t the only one with a sob story tonight, although his was the only one we cared about. Liam finally confessed to a cover up that he and Parrish’s father were involved with, wrapping up his pseudo-emotional confession with a defiant claim that now Parrish can either keep it a secret or turn him in… As though finally copping to the truth somehow earns him points. Whatever, Liam! You’re still a creep, and we know it!

Of course, tonight’s subplot featured the recruits trying to track down a biological terrorist in training, which resulted in Parrish having to become the carrier without even knowing it. Was that a bit of foreshadowing? Liam definitely targeted her in the exercise, and I’ve got to admit, the more I learn about Liam and Caleb’s dad, the more I think the two of them are involved in the Grand Central bombing!

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Meanwhile, of course, Parrish dug a bullet out of Booth before teaming up with her dark-net supporters to comb through illegally obtained FBI files on the bombing. After finding evidence that someone stole her credit cards to buy more bomb-making materials, Parrish makes the heart-wrenching decision to turn herself in — after making sure Booth is safely squirreled away on the dark-net helicopter.

But is Parrish’s desire to ‘do the right thing’ going to be her undoing? She still doesn’t have any evidence pointing her in the direction of a credible alternate suspect, and she’s just lowered herself into a lion’s den full of rabid FBI agents convinced of her guilt.

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It feels a bit like the dominoes are beginning to fall, and Parish is right in the line of danger (making now a really good time for Caleb to NOT delete sensitive emails he knows could clear Parrish…)

We can only hope, because the preview for next week’s episode seems to show both Parrish and Booth getting tortured… but, as Priyanka Chopra herself tweeted at the end of tonight’s episode:

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