Sister Wives' Meri Brown opens up about her catfishing scandal (VIDEO)

Nov 15, 2015 at 6:52 p.m. ET
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Meri Brown is finally telling all.

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People magazine reveals in an exclusive clip that Brown, one of the stars of TLC’s hit reality series Sister Wives, will, on tonight’s season finale, open up about an online catfishing scandal that threatened her family.

Brown revealed months ago that she had been duped by a female fan who was posing as a man online. Voicemails she left for her admirer revealed that they made plans to meet, and that she told the person, who she thought was a man, that she loved him.

In the clip, Brown is shown in tears as she explains how the online affair began.

"I got into this place where I was talking to different people on social media and kind of making friends," she says. "I got into this situation talking to one person who really made me trust him. He was just saying all the right things."

44-year-old Brown, who was Kody Brown’s first wife, goes on to say that the person was “very kind and very compassionate,” and that she “trusted him.”

Earlier this week, Brown’s catfisher claimed in an online blog that he really is a man, and that Brown is trying to destroy his life.

"For about the 100th time, I did not catfish her," he wrote. "I am a guy named Samuel. I get to go on with my life as the guy that had the affair with a married TV star. What you will see on the next episode is her saying we never met, she will claim I sent her fake photos, she will say we did not have sex, and she will say that I deceived her. All lies."

Brown and her family are expected to open up about the situation in tonight’s finale, as well as during a two-hour special on Nov. 22.

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