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Once Upon a Time: 6 Reasons Emma and Hook can overcome the Darkness

Sunday’s episode wasn’t a happy one for Captain Swan shippers. As much as I wanted to know what Emma was up to as the Dark One, I’m not sure I wanted to learn that one detail. You know, like the fact that she turned Hook into another Dark One. That’s right, there are now two Dark Ones on Once Upon a Time. I don’t think fans were expecting that and may still be trying to pick their mouths up off the floor.

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Apparently, back in Camelot Emma turned herself and Hook into the Dark Ones in order to save his life. After getting cut by Excalibur, Emma thought she healed Hook. However, the sword left a mortal wound, aka it was going to kill Hook unless Emma took drastic measures. What did that entail? Oh, just igniting Prometheus’ flame to release Merlin from Excalibur and then tethering Hook’s life to it instead. Let me translate: That means Hook turned into a second Dark One, while Emma’s plan multiplied the Darkness and also turned herself into the Dark One.

Hook tried to stop Emma from doing it and even pleaded with her, especially since he’s not sure if he can push away the Darkness again, like he has done previously. Thanks to Emma wiping everyone’s minds, Hook didn’t remember any of this nor the fact that he is a Dark One — until Zelena showed him via Emma’s dreamcatcher. Emma even expedited Zelena’s pregnancy as an attempt to use her as a vessel for the Darkness, getting rid of it once and for all. Yes, Emma was willing to sacrifice Zelena to save herself and Hook, but that obviously didn’t happen.

Anyway, what does this mean for the beloved Captain Swan? As Hook told Emma, they no longer have a future and he is even going to partner with Zelena in order to take down Emma. Look, Emma’s intentions were good, but to take a man/the love of your life who has fought so hard to stop himself from succumbing to evil into someone who is now pretty much pure Darkness, well, that’s just cruel.

Hook as the Dark One
Image: Tumblr

Overall, Captain Swan is in major trouble, but if anyone can overcome this major relationship snag, it’s Emma and Hook — and here are a few reasons why.

1. Their love is powerful

Like Snow and Charming, Emma and Hook’s love is beyond powerful. Never have two people been so bonded by love in Storybrooke. I mean, if they don’t end up realizing how much they love one another to fight the Darkness together, rather than being enemies, I will never ever believe in love again.

2. Charming, Snow, Henry and Regina will come to their aid

There’s no way Emma’s family and loved ones are going to let these two remain the Dark Ones. Plus, if it comes to killing either Emma or Hook in order to get rid of the Darkness and turn them back into who they once were, well, I hope that doesn’t happen. I have a feeling Emma will be very unhappy with her parents, her son and Regina if they choose to save her over Hook. With that said, they will probably do whatever it takes to save both of them — at least they’d better.

3. They’ve fought worse, kind of

They’ve both done some bad things and fought some really bad villains, so they can totally survive this minor, yet evil, flaw. Right?

4. The creators won’t leave them as Dark Ones

There’s no way the creators are going to leave them as the Dark Ones and prevent them from having a future, right? I mean, there is no OUAT without Captain Swan united as one.

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5. They’re both fighters and heroes

Emma and Hook are two of the toughest and noblest characters on the show. As fighters and heroes, they can definitely beat the Darkness.

6. It’s just plain cruel if they don’t

For. Real.

If you need further proof, here you go.

Emma Swan
Image: Tumblr
Captain Hook
Image: Tumblr

So. Many. Feels.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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