Sister Wives: 6 reasons Meri should leave the family

Nov 15, 2015 at 11:27 p.m. ET
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Finally, the Sister Wivesannouncement we've all been waiting for. At a family dinner in Alaska, Meri told her family that she's been having an affair. The response from her husband and sister wives brought fans to one conclusion: Meri should leave. Here's why.

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1. Kody's over her

Kody's reaction to Meri's announcement — to sit there without any response — might indicate that she'd told him before dinner, but there's zero excuse for not openly comforting Meri when she said she was thinking of leaving, especially when she started crying. If he has shown any gratitude — other than the canned, camera-ready kind — for the sacrifice she has made for the family, we haven't seen it, and it sure looks like Meri hasn't felt it.

2. Now is a good time

Mariah's off at college, and Kody's definitely not interested in having any more children with Meri. If Meri ever wanted to try and make a break for it (or try to, considering she's now famous), she could do so. She has been talking about finishing her own degree for a while now, and hopefully she's got the financial safety net that could make it possible.

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3. Zero support from her sister wives

When Meri announced she was considering leaving, Robyn's response was essentially, "Well, see you." Janelle worried about having the family together for Thanksgiving, and Christine seemed entirely nonplussed. It would have been great to see anyone tell her not to go, but instead, everyone just acted like nothing of importance was going on. After a whole season in which Meri made numerous sacrifices for the family, would it have killed her sister wives to pretend that they care?

4. Her health concerns

We don't yet know if Meri's health issues have been resolved — or what they were — but it seems unlikely that she could rest and recover in an environment without support. She's either being ignored or put upon, and neither of those are great for regaining her health.

5. Janelle

This season, Meri and Janelle decided to go into therapy to help heal the animosity between them. One of the many threads that's been left hanging (although we'll see what happens next week in the two hour "tell-all") is whether or not they've actually followed through. The tension between Meri and Janelle has existed for a long time. Now that there's Meri's affair to add to it, therapy will be even harder. Is it worth it?

6. Things are just going to get worse from here

It's pretty hard to be optimistic. Meri's confession is not going to make her life in the Brown family easier. There are her sister wives to contend with, who probably feel betrayed and angry. Kody has already proven that he doesn't know how to be a supportive husband (or really any kind of husband) to her, and Robyn's baby will undoubtedly create an even tighter bond between her and Kody. Nobody needs to see that, Meri, especially not you.

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Should Meri leave? Should Kody, Christine, Robyn and Janelle have supported her more openly? Do you think the show did a good job of dealing with the affair?

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