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The Amazing Race: Krakow, Poland, brings out strong emotions in the contestants

First things first. Does anyone not think that The Green Team isn’t going to win? Leg after leg, Justin and Diane just cannot be stopped. At this point, I’m starting to root for who’s going to come in second and third.

Tonight’s episode was less about the competitions (because, let’s be honest, there really weren’t any) and more about the emotions that hit everyone as they raced.

The salt of my fears

In a rather odd detour, the teams had to choose whether to mine salt or play music and raise money. The Cheerleaders, playing to their entertainer personalities, figured that playing music would be a piece of cake. Little did they realize that pushing a piano through Krakow would rattle them to the core and not be able to perform. With tears of frustration (and the fact that they’re not used to rejection), they resorted to literally selling kisses to raise the money they needed to get their next clue. Who cares what they had to do? Just get the job done! Even their accompanist was impressed with their moves.

The Reporters had no problem with this task. Watching them chase after people and ask for money has to be pretty similar to their day job of asking people on the street for interviews for the news.

Schindler’s List

This piece of the leg left no dry eye amongst the teams. Justin from The Green Team was visibly moved as they exited the room where all the names of the people that Schindler saved were displayed. What many of us didn’t know is that it was seeing his grandmother’s name on the wall that made his emotion so high.

The tray of tears

This week’s Roadblock was a division of the haves and the have-nots. The haves had the common sense to ask and research before they started, and the have-nots wrung their hands while trying to distinguish different Jewish foods. The Cheerleaders, still rattled from the Detour, really struggled with this one, yet when Team Texas showed up (last), they took the time to suggest they look it up. The two teams literally showed up at the mat at the same time, and the boys from Texas showed their gentlemanly side, and it was ladies first. Class act, guys. Had this not been a non-elimination round, things could have turned out much differently for them, and they could have gone home for that one move alone. The Cheerleaders lost it over this fact, and all I can say is that I hope they get a good night’s sleep and get their act together before everyone heads to India because everyone’s looking at a U-turn and a definite elimination round.

Were you moved by tonight’s episode? Do you think that The Green Team has clinched first place?

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