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RHOA: Should Cynthia Bailey ditch her husband and return to her ex?

Fans of RHOA have been predicting the demise of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’ marriage for years, and if tonight’s episode is any indication, those predictions may be coming true sooner rather than later.

Tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, crocodile tears were flowing from the face of Thomas, who ran off to Charlotte for more than a week without bothering to tell his wife when he would be back, or to even give her the courtesy of a phone call to check-in. It’s pretty obvious that Thomas has completely checked-out of the relationship, especially after admitting that he was “inebriated” at Bailey’s eyewear launch party.

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For some odd reason, Bailey refuses to give up so easily on her marriage, even though she’s fully aware of Thomas’ terrible behavior. Perhaps the fact that she has been in several high-profile, failed relationships is preventing her from breaking off another.

RHOA Cynthia
Image: Bravo

RHOA viewers were thrilled to see Bailey’s ex-fiancé, Leon Robinson, make an appearance on the show tonight. The actor quickly became a fan favorite after he helped Bailey interview a tutor for their daughter, Noelle. He also offered some surprisingly compassionate advice for Bailey and her husband. Robinson suggested that Bailey try to make her marriage with Thomas work, but plenty of Twitter fans were giving their own relationship advice: Get back together with Robinson!

Despite leaving Bailey home by herself for more than a week, Thomas blamed her for their dysfunctional relationship, claiming that she doesn’t make time for them to bond as a couple. Bailey rightfully pointed out that it was Thomas who decided to open a bar in Charlotte and spend so much of his time up there while leaving her alone in Atlanta. While Thomas may claim that he’s never stopped being in love with Bailey, his actions over the course of the last few episodes have certainly spoken louder than his words.

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Cynthia and Peter
Image: Bravo

For now, the pair has decided to follow Robinson’s advice and try to make their marriage work, despite Bailey making it quite clear that she’s not even really sure she still loves Thomas. With Leon Robinson taking an active role in not only his daughter’s life, but also his ex-fiancé’s, perhaps Thomas should consider giving up on her current toxic relationship and take another chance with a guy who seems like he’s actually interested in someone other than himself.

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Do you think Cynthia Bailey should give her relationship with Leon Robinson another shot? Comment and share your opinion below.

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