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Chicago P.D.: Will Burgess and Roman become more than partners?

If you’re a Chicago P.D. fan, then there’s a good chance you’re either rooting for Burgess and Ruzek or hoping Roman and Burgess will become more than partners. Well, lucky for you, I have the scoop on both of these beloved relationships.

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Season 3 of P.D. hasn’t been the easiest for Burgess and Ruzek. Even though they’re now engaged and seemingly moving in together, does this mean the rest of the season will be sunshine and rainbows for the beloved couple? The way Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger talked about their characters at an NBC press event for all three Chicago series, it sure seems that way — or maybe that’s just what they’re hoping.

So, where is their relationship going? Squerciati revealed, “The producers do not trust us with that secret. We have no idea.” However, she and Flueger were a bit more open and knowledgeable when it came to that pesky “push test” Roman told Burgess to do.

Squerciati believes Ruzek will probably beat up Roman if ever he finds out that Roman told Burgess to do the “push test”. As for Flueger, “It’s just a miscommunication,” he said. “He just wants her to be happy and if she needs some time, then he’ll give her some time. He’s not in a rush. The relationship’s not going to change either way.” He continued, “Our thinking, too, with that scene where she gave me the push test is she had just found that she was [Ruzek’s] third engagement. I think our thinking going in was that it had less to do with that’s what he wanted and more to do with, ‘Whatever you want, darlin’.'”

Burgess and Ruzek
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Flueger didn’t stop there, and even said that Ruzek isn’t all-knowing when it comes to women. “He’s just kind of a social moron,” Flueger explained. “He loves her pretty much unendingly and I don’t think he’s quick on the uptake when it comes to female gamesmanship.” However, Squerciati blames Roman for some of what her character and Ruzek are dealing with. “To be fair, the games are Roman’s games,” she said. “[She’s] just a Roman puppet at this point.”

Speaking of Roman, will be there trouble for he and Burgess as partners, or will it turn into something more? If you ask Brian Geraghty about his character’s relationship with Burgess, he’s only getting friendship and partner vibes. After being asked if he thinks Roman and Burgess are just friends at the NBC press event, he said, “I did, until I got here today.” It’s never crossed his mind that the two would ever develop feelings for one another. The same goes for P.D.‘s Jesse Lee Soffer, who added, “We haven’t heard anything about anything like that happening, but since we’ve been here everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god. Roman and Burgess, is that gonna happen?'”

Whatever happens, at least Burgess can go to Platt for relationship advice. Actually, according to Squerciati, Burgess will soon be seeking relationship advice elsewhere. She dished, “There’s a scene I’m not supposed to know about coming up, where [Lindsay] gives me advice about my relationship with [Ruzek].” If anyone knows a thing or two about dating a fellow police officer, it’s Lindsay.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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