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Step It Up: 5 reasons Diaunte and Deshauan deserved to make Repertory

After an amazing season that left fans wanting more, Step it Up ended on a low note for many dissatisfied viewers. These viewers really, really wanted to see Diaunte and Deshauan — two of the show’s most inspiring dancers — move up to the next level at the Young Contemporary Dance Theater.

Sadly, they didn’t achieve their shared goal of Repertory glory. Still, fans maintain that they deserve another look from Traci Young-Byron for the following five reasons:

1. They are incredibly hard workers.

All of the YCDT dancers work hard, but few demonstrate the same level of commitment as Diaunte and Deshauan. Diaunte’s work ethic is evident not only in his commitment to advanced coursework for school but also his willingness to meet with others outside of practice in order to perfect his skills.

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Step It Up
Image: Lifetime

2. They would fit in well with the group.

Repertory seems like a welcoming group of dancers, so any new additions would be bound to fit in. That being said, Diaunte and Deshauan would work especially well with this group, as they are already friends with several of Repertory’s most talented dancers. This was especially evident during tonight’s episode, when the Repertory hopefuls spent time with current members Jarkirah and Janae.

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3. Deshauan has demonstrated emotional maturity on several occasions.

Young-Byron is by no means easy on her students, so it is incredibly important for them to be unphased by any drama that may come their way. Deshauan continually proves that she can keep it together when the going gets tough. This has been especially evident in the aftermath of her mom’s death. If she can deal with that type of emotional trauma, she can definitely handle harsh criticism from Young-Byron.

Step It Up Repetory
Image: Lifetime

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4. Both have successfully danced with Repertory in the past.

Deshauan and Diaunte have been able to take advantage of several unique opportunities thus far, and they’ve always performed admirably. Since they sadly didn’t make Repertory during this round of auditions, they should at least be able to dance alongside the group for future special events.

5. Diaunte brings a ton of energy to the table.

Of all the dancers on Step Up, Diaunte is consistently the most fun to watch. Sure, a few of his skills could use some work — especially triple pirouettes — but based on how hard he works, it’s only a matter of time before these technical elements fall in place. It is much more difficult to teach the passion for dance necessary for a performer such as Diaunte to give it all every time he’s on stage.

Many fans rooted for Deshauan and Diaunte, and naturally, they were bummed when the talented dancers failed to make the cut. If Deshauan and Diaunte aren’t quite ready for Repertory, they can at least take comfort in knowing that they have so many dedicated fans on Twitter!

Do you think Diaunte and Deshauan should have made YCDT’s Repertory? Comment and share your opinion below.

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