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Blake Shelton’s simple tweet about his late brother will make you cry

Here is some news about Blake Shelton that doesn’t involve Gwen Stefani or any hilarious Internet rumors. In a rare moment of seriousness from the oftentimes satirical Shelton, we get to see a little more of that sentimental side he seems to keep hidden most of the time.

On Friday, Shelton took a moment to honor the anniversary of his brother’s death by posting one short yet touching tweet about him. He said simply, “Wow… 25 years ago today we lost my brother Richie Shelton. He’s still my hero going strong. Wish everyone could’ve known him.”

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Shelton’s brother died in a car accident in 1990 when the country singer was only 14 years old.

Losing his brother has understandably had a profound and lasting impact on Shelton, who has been vocal about how Richie’s death has inspired several of his songs. Most notably, it inspired the lyrics to the country ballad “Over You,” which was written by Shelton and his now ex-wife Miranda Lambert.

While the lyrics are hauntingly beautiful and touching, equally tearjerking is the video for the award-winning song. Watching Lambert walk through the woods as two young boys run and play, until one of the boys disappears… gut wrenching.

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Lambert released the track on her fourth album and it got her and Shelton Song of the Year at the 2012 CMAs.

The song was so close to Shelton’s heart, he couldn’t even sing it himself. Lambert explained to Us Weekly in 2011 the reason she recorded it instead of Shelton. She said, “I asked him a year ago, ‘Do you want this song? It’s obviously about your life,’ and he said he’d rather me have it, mainly because he wasn’t sure he could get through it every night onstage.”

“It’s one of our favorite songs,” she concluded.

Ours too, Miranda. Ours too.

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