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Lindsay Lohan blasted for ‘tasteless’ Sharon Tate tribute (PHOTO)

Have you ever wanted there to be a real-life Being John Malkovich and crawl inside a portal that leads directly into someone’s brain to see what on earth they were thinking when they did something?

Well, I and the rest of the Internet would like to do that right this very minute to Lindsay Lohan.

On Thursday, Lohan decided it was the perfect time to pay homage to her much-loved fallen (read: brutally murdered) icon, Sharon Tate. And her timing couldn’t have been more atrocious.

Lohan posted a photo to her Instagram of herself, dressed in vintage ’60s clothing, including a floral crop top, matching shorts and, if I’m being honest, some pretty badass boots with the caption, “I LOVE SHARON TATE #CANCERmeetsAQUARIUS #themelook #hippieWINTERCHIC.”
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The most bizarre thing about this post is not only the inexplicable and newfound love for Tate, but also the fact that Thursday was Charles Manson’s 81st birthday. Manson is infamous for planning the murder of the late actress and he is currently serving nine concurrent life sentences in prison for his crimes.

The gruesome murder took place in 1969, when members of Manson’s cult, under his direction, broke into Tate’s home and stabbed her to death. Tate was 26 years old at the time and also pregnant.

It’s not clear if Lohan knew it was Manson’s birthday, and the people of the Internet found the post not only baffling but certainly distasteful.

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