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Priyanka Chopra: 9 Things to know about the Quantico star

Priyanka Chopra has really caught fire in 2015.

She’s garnered a lot of attention for her role as Alex Parrish in ABC’s Quantico, an addicting series revolving around a terrorist attack and FBI recruits training on the Quantico base in Virginia. The show is quickly becoming a prime time favorite and overtakes Twitter every time it airs, in large part due to Chopra’s performance.

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And we’ve got a feeling Chopra is just getting started. Here’s a little more to know about her.

1. She’s basically Bollywood’s Beyoncé

Chopra may not be a household name yet in the United States, but in India she is huge. She’s a music sensation, has starred in over 50 Bollywood films and People magazine has aptly likened her to Queen B.

“It’s intense,” she told People recently, in reference to her legion of dedicated fans. “I can never be incognito… but I love it!”

2. She’s a Beyoncé fan

Maybe not so coincidentally, Chopra is a huge Bey fan herself.

“If there is one person I would love to collaborate with, it would be Beyoncé,” Chopra said in a 2015 interview, via Bollywood Life. “I love her. I think she’s incredible. I would love to do a tough, power chick kind of song.”

Chopra also couldn’t resist tweeting out this video of Beyoncé magically dancing to her song “Gallan Goodiyan” earlier this year.

3. She’s already gotten major American attention for her music

Chopra caught the interest of the Black Eyed Peas’ several years ago, and the two created her single “In My City,” which debuted in September 2012 in a TV spot for the NFL network’s Thursday Night Football.

She has also collaborated with The Chainsmokers and Pitbull.

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4. She’s a beauty queen

Chopra, who admits she’s “known how to be in the public eye” since she was 17 years old, was a pageant regular and named both Miss India and Miss World in 2000.

5. She was nervous about crossing over

“I was afraid of it not being the right time,” Chopra said of her doubts about taking on the lead role in an American series, according to People. “I’m different. I don’t speak American. I do have a lilt of an Indian accent… I thought maybe the world’s not OK with what I bring, being Indian.”

Now that American audiences have fully embraced Chopra, her doubts have been squashed. “The acceptance of Quantico fans so far has been really great,” she said.

6. She was the first Bollywood star to sign with her agent

In July 2012, Chopra became the first mainstream Bollywood star to sign with Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

7. She’s a Guess model

Following in the shoes of celebs like Anna Nicole Smith, Adriana Lima and Drew Barrymore, Chopra was the face of the popular clothing label in 2013. She was the first Indian model to ever shoot a campaign for the company.

8. She didn’t always want to be in show business

She may be immersed in all things Bollywood/Hollywood now, but when she was in high school, Chopra had other plans. After graduating from 10th grade, Chopra actually planned to become a software engineer or a criminal psychologist, according to IMDb.

9. She’s made some powerhouse friends

Chopra certainly fits right in with her fellow ABC strong leading ladies like Grey’s Anatomy‘s Ellen Pompeo and Scandal‘s Kerry Washington.

Catch Chopra in Quantico Sunday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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