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Vicki Gunvalson is so over everyone asking her questions about Brooks Ayers

Vicki Gunvalson has had enough with everyone pointing the finger at her during the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal.

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Gunvalson took to Twitter on Friday to express her outrage over the blame game.

Ayers admitted this week that he had faked medical documents to prove his cancer claims, but he still insists that he has the illness. He said he fabricated the medical bills because he wanted to keep the real documents private.

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Following his confession, Gunvalson expressed her disgust over the whole situation and was sure to tell fans that she is no longer in contact with Ayers.

She also defended the fact that he was able to dupe her into believing that he was really sick. She said that he would get home from “treatments” and be ill. She insists that she was a victim of his fraud just like everyone else.

Whether Ayers actually has cancer or not remains a mystery. Following his confession and apology over the fake cancer documents, Ayers said he will no longer comment on his cancer and will keep that part of his life private.

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But despite Gunvalson continuing to insist she was an innocent victim in the lies, she also conceded that she has relationships to mend since she heatedly defended Ayers.

“Yes I know… Nothing was intentional on my end. I believed a man I loved. Who hasn’t?”

Do you think Gunvalson really was innocent to all of Ayers’ lies?

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