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Sister Wives‘ Meri Brown’s catfisher reveals his side of the story

Meri Brown’s online lover Samuel Cooper is using his blog to insist that not only is he really a man, but that he and Brown were head over heels in love.

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“For about the 100th time, I did not catfish her,” Cooper wrote on his blog. “I am a guy named Samuel. I get to go on with my life as the guy that had the affair with a married TV star. What you will see on the next episode is her saying we never met, she will claim I sent her fake photos, she will say we did not have sex, and she will say that I deceived her. All lies.”

This is not the first time that Cooper has come out to say that he is real.

It was initially reported that Brown was catfished into believing Cooper was a 6-foot-6-inch successful 42-year-old when he was really a woman In Touch revealed was named Jackie Overton. They even snapped some pictures of the supposed online player and caught her in a web of lies when they confronted her about her online identity.

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This Sunday, Brown will confess the details of the relationship and expose the lies she was told. She insists that she was catfished by a woman.

“I started talking to this person online,” Brown can be seen saying in a clip for the finale. “He was just saying all the right things.”

And Cooper continues to insist that it was, in fact, a real relationship, even though he doesn’t supply any photos of further evidence to prove he is a real person.

“This is my life and people playing around with it is affecting me,” Cooper said. “My family is upset, my employees are questioning me, my clients are not sure what to believe and all of this will have a permanent gravestone on the internet forever. My name and the word catfish will live forever. How am I ever going to live a normal life, now?”

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He added, “I was not ready for all of this attention. I don’t like it. It makes me very uncomfortable. But I had to break up with fear to get this far. The woman that once loved me more than she has ever loved another human being, other than her daughter, wants to destroy every part of my life.”

Do you think Samuel Cooper is a real person, or is Jackie Overton just trying to save face?

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