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RHOC fans creeped out by Brooks Ayers’ stalker past

When Meghan Edmonds revealed just how far she’d gone to investigate Brooks Ayers’ alleged cancer, she was accused of being a huge stalker. But she’s by no means the only RHOC creep. According to Briana Culberson, Ayers is just as bad — he reportedly stalked Vicki Gunvalson on social media long before the two became an item!

There are plenty of reasons to hate Ayers. He lied about his cancer treatment (and, in all likelihood, about even having cancer). He hit on Culberson while she was pregnant. He weirdly referred to his package as “Girth Brooks.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Last night, fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County were once again reminded why Ayers is the ultimate villain.

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During the Secrets Revealed special, fans had the opportunity to see a few previously unaired clips from the RHOC reunion. In one clip, Culberson talked about Ayers’ behavior before and during his romance with Gunvalson. Turns out, he had the hots for Gunvalson long before the two were in a relationship. As things got more serious, a suspicious Culberson looked up Ayers and learned that he listed The Real Housewives of Orange County as his favorite show and, before dating her, claimed “that Vicki is so hot.”

RHOC Brianna
Image: Bravo

Having the hots for a reality star isn’t all that unusual, but Ayers took it to a much more disturbing level. According to Culberson, he thoroughly studied Gunvalson, taking the time to learn what, exactly, made her tick. Culberson believes he later used these findings to emotionally manipulate and control Gunvalson.

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Unfortunately, Culberson does not believe Ayers’ creepy behavior is over. Gunvalson and Ayers have already made it clear they’re still communicating, and if the latest allegations of their Twitter haters are true, they never truly broke up. When Cohen asked if she and the Housewives believed Gunvalson and Ayers’ were over for good, Culberson responded, “I don’t think he’s ever going to go away.”

RHOC Brooks
Image: Bravo

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Already disturbed by Ayers’ lies surrounding his alleged cancer, RHOC fans were just as bothered by Culberson’s revelations of his previous stalker behavior. Several referred to him as a creep on Twitter.

Hopefully, Gunvalson and Ayers’ relationship really is over. However, based on how well Ayers knows Gunvalson — and how persistent he can be — there’s a good chance he will once again worm his way back into her life.

Do you believe Briana Culberson’s claims? Is Brooks Ayers an emotionally manipulative stalker? Comment and share your opinion below.

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