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Scandal‘s Fitz totally proved he can still wear the pants in Olitz

Instead of kicking Olivia out tonight, Scandal‘s Fitz shocked everyone by moving her in.

And we kind of liked it.

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Just when we were thinking that Olivia (Kerry Washington) was going to absolutely own the Olitz relationship, Fitz reminded us all that he’s president for a reason.

And then he kind of got Christian Grey from Fifty Shades on us with a “this is your home now and you’re going to like it” scene as he practically forced her to move into the White House.

Not only that, but he totally proved us wrong, too.

We were thinking that he was going to see Mellie in Olivia’s actions with her dad and totally kick her to the curb — just like Olivia thought, too.

He even said it when she got arrested, reasoning that she couldn’t possibly be guilty because, “You’re not Mellie.”

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But she was absolutely guilty. And her actions absolutely screamed conniving Mellie.

And yet, he forgave her because he has absolute faith in Olivia — a dividing line between his relationship with the two women.

And he didn’t just shock Olivia, he also totally threw a curve ball at those of us watching.

We stand corrected.

And we are totally back in love with the Olitz relationship.

Granted, Olivia’s expression suggested she wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of being under Fitz’s jurisdiction 24 hours a day, but she’s been so wishy-washy this season that she might just need that push to get her to a good place again.

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Of course, Fitz’s actions understandably had a lot of people raising eyebrows tonight, especially with that look of fear in Olivia’s eyes.

But Fitz isn’t a psycho. If she’s truly unhappy, he’s not going to force her into anything.

But he is going to deal with Eli Pope (if Huck doesn’t deal with him first). And he is going to protect her. And he definitely reminded us all tonight that he is a grown man who can make decisions for himself. Thank God!

What did you think about Fitz’s bold moves during tonight’s Scandal?

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