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The Vampire Diaries‘ Caroline’s fiancé revealed with mind-blowing twist

The Vampire Diaries fans, prepare to get your freak-out on. The show just dropped one of the biggest twists in its seven-season history.

Candice Accola, who plays Caroline, announced back in August that she was pregnant with her first child with her Fray guitarist husband Joe King. And while we were, of course, ecstatic for the actress, we also couldn’t help but wonder how the show would incorporate the news into Caroline’s story line.

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Well, rest assured strategically placed lamps will not be the answer.

That’s right: Caroline will have not one, but two buns in the oven as she will be having Alaric’s twins. Yup, our minds are exploding, too.

And not only will she be having Alaric’s babies, she will also be marrying him.

Since Jo is dead but her body is now alive again, there is apparently some magical spell that will allow her fetuses to be transferred to Caroline. Thus, Caroline will be the one to carry the babies to term. And apparently, along the way, she and Alaric will fall head over heels for one another.

On the one hand, it’s a little weird. Caroline has basically been with every single guy on the show at this point. That aside, Alaric is kind of the dad figure in the show. Plus, he’s also very human, so it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops since Caroline is decidedly not human.

Also, uh, apparently just because a vampire can’t get pregnant, doesn’t mean they can’t carry babies? That little fact will also be incredibly interesting to explore. Especially because it means that there is hope for our heroines to have babies even though they’re vampires. I’m particularly thinking of Elena and Damon here, since we know a family was one of the key things Elena thought she was sacrificing in order to have eternity with Damon. I know she’s human now, but maybe she’ll chose to be a vampire again when she wakes up if she knows being a mom isn’t off the table.

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So, all in all, the future looks really bright for our gang of heroes.

Unfortunately, the present is not so cool.

Even executive producer Caroline Dries told us that she isn’t a fan of the insecure Caroline that we’re seeing as a result of Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Valerie.

“I like the character most when she’s not feeling insecure but she’s dating somebody who is this, like, emotionally closeted, secretive, internalized guy,” Dries explained. “For her, she’s just all emotions all the time. She wears everything on her sleeve.”

At the time, Dries also teased that we are going to see Caroline grow this season.

“She’s going to find, I think, an inner strength that she didn’t know she had.”

But we never could have guessed that “inner strength” would come from a serious baby belly and a new man in her life.

I think my dreams of a Klaroline reunion have officially been crushed.

And while I’m still trying to process the idea of a Caroline and Alaric romance, I think I could dig it. Of course, if you are the woman who’s dating Alaric on The Vampire Diaries, it’s kind of like wearing a red shirt in Star Trek. Please, forgive my nerd analogies. Basically, it means your odds of survival are bleak.

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But maybe, just maybe, since Caroline’s rocking the whole immortality thing, she will finally be the one to not die on poor Alaric.

What do you think about the bombshell Caroline and Alaric news? Do you like the idea of them as a couple?

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