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7 Reasons Heroes Reborn‘s Matt Parkman doesn’t make sense as a villain

Whether you were a fan of Matt Parkman on Heroes or not, is anyone else upset that Heroes Reborn turned him into a villain? Never did I expect to see good guy Matt go over to the dark side. When I first learned Greg Grunberg was reprising his role as the beloved mind reader, I was thrilled. However, now I’m not so sure.

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There’s a good chance Matt is still good and putting on some type of front as a way to infiltrate Renautas and stop Erica Kravid from committing a global extinction. If not, then evil Matt Parkman is the most ridiculous thing that’s happened so far on the NBC series. I mean, who thought that was a good idea? You can’t turn someone who risked his life (yes, sometimes he was a bit wishy-washy, but still) and fought to ensure the world would be safe from evil into that very same evil.

You’re trying to tell me since Heroes came to an end that Matt just threw all his goodness out the window to become the director of Sunstone Manor, aka a place imprisoning Evos? Really? Maybe if I had some context as to why he’s gone bad, then I might understand his story line better. Here’s hoping everything is not what it seems and Matt is still the hero fans once knew.

Anyway, here are seven reasons Matt Parkman as a villain makes no sense whatsoever.

1. He wouldn’t be OK with Erica capturing Molly Walker

If he knew that Erica kidnapped Molly Walker, the Matt Parkman fans once knew would’ve done everything in his power to save her. Also, if he was aware of Erica’s actions, I find it hard to believe that Matt would be going along with her plans, especially after Molly committed suicide.

2. He didn’t want to be his father’s son

Matt did everything in his power to not become the villain that his father was. Fans are just supposed to believe that he turned into him? I’m not buying it.

3. Harming innocent humans and Evos isn’t his thing

There’s no doubt Matt took liberties when he needed answers and wanted to protect his family, but taking part in killing innocent humans and people just like him? That’s so far from his character.

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Matt Parkman
Image: Tumblr

4. He wouldn’t want his son to view him as evil

What would Baby Matt Parkman think, Adult Matt Parkman? Huh?

5. He worked so hard to fight evil, so now he’s embracing it?

Remember all that Matt went through to stop Sylar? So, he’s now working with Erica? Yeah, OK.

6. He hated The Company and now he’s a Company Man

Matt was never a fan of The Company, especially when Noah kidnapped him in Season 1. I never thought Matt would’ve turned into a Company Man like Noah, but I guess that’s the new him.

7. Fans agree with me

Enough said.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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