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The Originals‘ producer teases Hayley and Elijah’s love is far from over

Elijah may have let Hayley go marry Jackson on The Originals, but the rest of us are still hanging on for dear life to that sexy romance that was.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up on your Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) reunion dreams just yet.

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Executive producer Michael Narducci explained that, despite the fact that Hayley is now married to Jackson, there is still plenty of unresolved emotion to be explored between Hayley and Elijah.

“I know we haven’t seen the end of that story line and the affection between those people,” Narducci teased, “so we are aware that is something we are building on and we are heading in that direction ultimately, I think.”

But he also added that Hayley and Jackson have become quite the husband and wife team.

“It is very clear that he loves her and has great affection and respect for her and wants to be a good husband to her, and I think she has come a long way in her feelings toward him given that this was a betrothal marriage. But with all things that go with our show, there are forces lurking on the horizon that will conspire to destroy every single character in our series and, along the way, new alliances will be made, people will be placed in jeopardy and Hayley is going to find herself in the difficult decisions to choose between this man she married, who is now her family, and the father of her daughter and the brother of the father of her daughter of the other family who is also her family because they are the people who are connected to her daughter. So when people are making moves against one family and making moves against her husband, what does she do? That is an impossible, impossible place to be.”

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Narducci also cautioned, “There will kind of be a new landscape by the end of Episode 5 and that landscape will shift further in the next few episodes, and that goes to the last episode of our regular run leading up to the holiday where everything just kind of explodes and some tragic things happen because of the shifting alliances.”

This had me thinking that maybe Jackson is going to meet his end, because how else will Hayley and Elijah reunite? Otherwise, she will be willfully breaking the magic that is protecting her pack, and I can’t see Hayley ever doing that.

But Narducci didn’t like the suggestion that Jackson might die.

“You’re terrible, we love Jackson!” he told me. And I love him, too. I’m just also very worried for his safety at this point in the show. And the safety of the werewolf magic since Narducci also confirmed that if — and that’s a big if — Jackson died, so would the binds created during Jackson and Hayley’s union.

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The Originals airs tonight on The CW.

Do you think Hayley will find a way around the werewolf marriage magic, or is Jackson’s time on the show looking shaky?

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