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Andy Cohen’s 5 best responses to Brooks Ayers’ lies (PHOTOS)

Pretty much everybody hates Brooks Ayers — and everybody is determined to hate him until the end of the time. Thus, there was little chance of Ayers winning new fans during tonight’s Bravo tell-all. That being said, he did his best to convince viewers that the gals of RHOC were in the wrong when they accused him of faking cancer.

Ayers should have known that he was playing a losing game the moment he came face to face with Andy Cohen. Typically the master of maintaining composure, Cohen found it difficult to keep a straight face during his interview with Ayers. On several occasions, he was caught with goofy expressions on his face. Highlighted below are gems from tonight’s tell-all.

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Andy and Brooks
Image: Bravo

1. “Does he really expect Briana’s forgiveness?”

Ayers seemed a bit perturbed that Briana Culberson refused to forgive him after he told her husband that she could be better kept in line with a bit of physical violence. It seems a bit presumptuous of him to expect forgiveness after saying something so awful. Based on Cohen’s expression, he doesn’t think it would be reasonable for Culberson to forgive and forget.

Andy Cohen
Image: Bravo

2. “Vicki and Brooks are definitely getting back together”

After showing a memorable 2013 clip that featured Ayers claiming he and Gunvalson were finished, Cohen asked whether the on-again, off-again couple would be on again in the near future. Ayers, like Gunvalson, insisted that the relationship is over for good, but Cohen’s face speaks volumes about his real feelings regarding the future of this unfortunate romance.

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Andy Cohen Special
Image: Bravo

3. “I’m sick of this guy’s stupid face”

Near the end of the latest RHOC season, the show’s fans made it clear that they’d had enough of Ayers. Clearly, Cohen feels the same.

Andy Cohen
Image: Bravo

4. “Keeping Ayers’ stories straight is exhausting”

Cohen appeared to get progressively more fatigued as the tell-all continued. When Brooks began weaving a story about his various ex-girlfriends, Cohen’s face took on an especially weary expression. He later confessed to being very confused about Ayers’ story, which, admittedly, was impossible to follow.

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Andy Cohen face
Image: Bravo

5. “I can’t believe RHOC fans tuned in for another half hour of lies!”

At times, Cohen had a very bemused look on his face, as if he couldn’t believe he was actually sitting down to talk with Ayers about something so ridiculous. Perhaps he is just as shocked as fans that Bravo devoted an entire season — and a tell-all episode — to the simple question of whether or not Ayers has cancer.

Fans of RHOC have never exactly been pro-Ayers, but they were particularly vicious during tonight’s episode. Several viewers, however, were very complimentary of Cohen’s ability to keep his composure in the midst of so many lies. Most of all, however, they enjoyed Cohen’s facial expressions.

What did you think of Andy Cohen’s interview with Brooks Ayers? Could he have done a better job of keeping his composure? Comment and share your opinion below.

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