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Avril Lavigne updates fans on Lyme disease with inspiring message (PHOTOS)

Avril Lavigne has had a tough year, but despite her battle with Lyme disease and her divorce from Chad Kroeger, she still manages to keep a smile on her face — and it’s truly inspiring.

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Lavigne made the decision to publicly share her struggle with Lyme disease — spread by infected ticks — in a bid to raise awareness, and she has maintained a positive attitude throughout, so it should really come as no surprise that her latest posts echo that sentiment.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Lavigne shared a picture of herself on a hospital check-up bed while her doctor examined her. She captioned the post with, “Overcoming Lyme Disease. Feels good to have my Dr. smile and tell me how much progress I am making. I’m coming out on the other side batches!!! [sic] #Fighter #F**LymeDisease.”

More: Avril Lavigne updates fans on her struggle with Lyme disease (PHOTOS)

Lavigne then followed up the image with a second one, which shows her in good spirits with a massive smile on her face, but it was the simple caption that was most inspiring and a true testament to her fighting spirit. She wrote, “FIGHT and CONQUER !!!!!!!!!”

Lavigne’s strength despite her illness and her willingness to always look on the bright side have really inspired her fans, who have voiced their support for her in the comment section of the post.

“You give some of us with Lyme some hope. I’ve had it for over 20 years now. Not fun,” acorvelli shared.

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“Avril with all his [sic] confidence and determination you will beat this illness, I hope to see you smile at [sic] shows support you and you will achieve what you want. Beautiful, stylish, cute, diva, I love you @avrillavigne,” alanaa_l wrote.

And lbs_magic was inspired too, writing, “You’re such a fighter and you taught us to never give up… I admire you so much!!”

We applaud Avril Lavigne for being so strong and choosing to share her story. We’re rooting for you, girl!

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