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Once Upon a Time: 7 Revelations about Emma and Hook in new teaser (VIDEO)

This Sunday’s Once Upon a Time is going to be even bigger — literally. It is two hours, which means double the Captain Swan. I’m sure Hook and Emma shippers are beyond thrilled to hear that. Based on a sneak peek from the expanded episode, it looks like many secrets are going to be revealed, including the reason behind Emma’s Dark One plan. You can take a look at the teaser here.

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Even in this short video, a lot was revealed, including several revelations about Emma and Hook that speak volumes for the rest of the season. Check it out.

1. Her big plan is about him

Emma’s plan as the Dark One and whatever she plans to do with Excalibur is all about Hook. That just leaves me with a million questions, but mainly, “Why?”

2. They’re still madly in love

If it wasn’t already obvious, it is in this clip.

3. She’ll do anything to protect him

Yes, she’s the Dark One, but she’ll do whatever it takes to protect the man she loves, including rescuing him from Arthur.

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4. Hook’s reached his breaking point

He’s had it with Emma and wants answers, stat. I’m with you, Hook. I’m with you.

5. Hook still believes in Emma

No matter that she’s embraced the Darkness, Hook knows that Emma still exists. Like Emma, he’ll do whatever it takes to bring out the lightness in her and save her from going dark forever.

6. They need to work together

Yes, they’ve somewhat been on opposite sides, but maybe if Emma opened up to Hook and they joined forces they could make everything go back to normal. You know, whatever normal is in Storybrooke.

7. They’re amazing this season

Even though there’s been trouble in paradise, Captain Swan has been an amazing pair this season and have really showcased their talents.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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