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Leah Messer reportedly had a bad reaction to losing custody of her twins

Leah Messer is reportedly not in a good place after losing custody of her twin daughters.

According to Radar Online, friends of Messer report that she is so depressed that they fear she may be suicidal.

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“Leah seems deeply depressed, and everyone is very concerned,” a source the outlet describes as a “family insider” explained. “She can’t imagine life without her girls.”

After a lengthy custody battle with her ex-husband Corey Simms, Messer lost primary custody of her twin daughters Ali and Aleeah. She also has another daughter, Addie, with her other ex, Jeremy Calvert.

Her mother, Dawn Spears, is reportedly reaching out to friends for help and advice.

Though Messer has been to rehab in the past, she still claims that she doesn’t have a history of substance abuse problems and rather just needed some time for herself.

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Despite this, sources close to Messer are worried that since her mental state is so unstable right now, she might begin self-medicating.

“It’s obvious that she has struggled with pills, but she refuses to talk about it,” a source said. “If she won’t be honest, how is she ever going to truly get better?”

Though Simms and his wife, Miranda Simms, have accused Messer of abusing drugs and of being a bad mom, Messer’s drug test came back clean. Still, school records reportedly showed the girls were often late for class and other parenting factors seemed to have swayed the judge.

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Of course, if Messer is truly struggling with depression after the custody loss, hopefully she can get the help she needs for the sake of all three girls, but especially Addie, who remains in her care.

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