Details about Gavin Rossdale's affair with the nanny will make women mad

Nov 12, 2015 at 11:16 a.m. ET
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If you thought the first report about Gavin Rossdale's affair with the nanny was bad, then this second one is going to blow your mind.

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Multiple sources have reportedly confirmed to Access Hollywood that Us Weekly's report about Rossdale's three-year affair with Mindy Mann is true, but it goes one step further. According to the publication, a source claims that Rossdale reportedly left his wife in hospital after she had given birth to their third child, Apollo, to meet up with Mann and have sex with her.

But that's not the only terrible little detail in this new report. The source also claims Rossdale and Mann would meet up while he was on tour so that he could see his sons. But Mann was not just innocently bringing the children over to see their dad because the pair would allegedly have sex in the tour bus after his sons fell asleep — all while his wife was unaware and filming The Voice.

In addition to the details about Rossdale's alleged affair, the source reportedly also said that a report from OK! magazine, which claimed that Stefani is pregnant, is "completely false."

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While Access Hollywood notes that reps for both Rossdale and Stefani have yet to comment on the reports, the accusations are pretty damning.

Could these allegations be true? Let us know your thoughts on this report in the comments below.

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