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Will Supernatural‘s God and Lucifer finally show their faces this season?

Supernatural dropped not one, but two bombshells tonight. First, Metatron revealed to Castiel that Amara is God’s sister. Who expected that? The twists and turns didn’t stop there. Sam had another vision, which showed what looked to be Lucifer’s cage and a hand, which may belong to either Lucifer or Michael. Here’s hoping it’s Lucifer’s, because that would make this season even more promising.

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Anyway, back to Amara being God’s sister. Thanks to Metatron spilling the beans to Cas, he explained their familial connection as something that would make “Bible thumpers’ heads explode.” I think that’s an understatement. Creation wasn’t something that came easy to God and he had to make some sacrifices along the way, which included his sister. That’s going to make one awkward family reunion. Anyway, according to Metatron, God had to give up the only thing he’d ever known. Basically, he betrayed Amara and “sacrificed his only kin” to create the world. As Amara told Dean, once she gets stronger, she is going to “settle an old score,” aka “the oldest score.” That’s going to be one epic brother and sister showdown.

As for Sam’s ominous visions (seriously, why is he having them?), his latest not only brought a frightening look to his face, but it just might mean Lucifer will soon be returning to Supernatural. Please let this happen.

With that said, this just might be the season for God and Lucifer to show up at the same time, which would make Season 11 one for the books. Don’t believe me? Here are six reasons to prove just that.

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1. Chuck could come back

For a while now, many have speculated that Chuck is God. So, if God does show up, then that means the return of Rob Benedict. That makes a great day for all Supernatural fans, right?

2. Mark Pellegrino might return

If Lucifer show’s his face and somehow gets out of the cage, then that means Mark Pellegrino will most likely reprise his role. This is something I’ve been waiting for, so it better happen.

3. Fans would finally put a face to God’s name

If Chuck isn’t God, then fans will finally know who God is. I mean, they’ve been waiting for quite some time now. Let’s bring God out of hiding and make him answer some questions face to face.

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4. A God and Lucifer reunion might happen

Seeing as God cast Lucifer out of heaven, this is one reunion that would make for a great episode. If you’re excited for an Amara and God showdown, just imagine God and Lucifer in the same room.

5. Sam and Lucifer, need I say more?

As much as I hated Sam being Lucifer’s vessel and Lucifer torturing Sam, their banter was quite entertaining and provided some great moments.

6. It’s something Supernatural has yet to do

Supernatural hasn’t shied away from religion and the bible, but the possibility of Lucifer returning, putting a face to God’s name and Amara/The Darkness being God’s sister makes for a fresh and epic season.

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Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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