Brandi Glanville slammed for wearing offensive shirt around Kim Richards (PHOTO)

Come on now, Brandi Glanville!

I’m all for funny, edgy, slightly off-color apparel any day, but maybe if that shirt makes light of a close friend’s recent substance addiction, maybe not.

During a recent filming session for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards were spotted with gal pal and known drama starter Brandi Glanville, and Glanville’s shirt was a real showstopper.

Glanville wore an alarmingly insensitive tank top, which read, “It’s not fun to be sober.”

Anyone who has been even slightly keeping up with RHOBH knows all too well Richards has been battling alcohol addition. She’s been in rehab several times and her drinking has led to several run-ins with the law.

The trio was seen setting up for a picnic during the filming. It was just confirmed that Richards and Glanville will be back for the upcoming season of the Bravo reality show. An insider told Us Weekly, “Producers brought [Glanville] back to bring in some drama and liven things up.” 

Well, wearing something that off-color will surely stir the pot.

For someone who claims to be the best friend of a recovering addict, it seems completely insane for her to have looked at that shirt and thought, “This seems like an appropriate shirt to wear for filming today.”

And fans agree.

What do you think: Is Brandi Glanville’s shirt inappropriate or are people being too sensitive?

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