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5 Things to know about Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale’s nanny, Mindy Mann

Who is this nanny that destroyed Gwen Stefani’s world by allegedly having an affair with Gavin Rossdale? We’ve gathered up some intel on Mindy Mann.

Stefani’s marriage to Rossdale reportedly imploded when he was busted having a fling with Mann, their nanny at the time. Now we know a little more about the Aussie who helped break up rock royalty.

1. She worked for the couple for years

Seven years, to be exact, and allegedly spent the last three of those years sleeping with Rossdale. She played a big role in caring for the couple’s sons Kingston and Zuma, and was with the family when their third son Apollo was born in 2014.

2. She was obsessed with Stefani

According to multiple sources, Mann channeled Stefani’s look in a bid to appeal to Rossdale. “Gwen is disgusted Gavin is now spending time with the ex-nanny, who also dresses and looks like Gwen,” an insider told Radar Online. Another source told Us Weekly, “If Gwen would eat something or do a workout or get a new handbag, Mindy would do the same thing.”

3. A major clue about the affair dropped years ago

In 2012, photographers captured a shot of Rossdale with his hand on Mann’s butt while hiking with Kingston and Zuma. He tried to play it off that she was about to fall and he was just helping her stay upright, but what seemed like a pretty flimsy excuse at the time looks even more pathetic now.

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4. She is a big fan of sexting

Rossdale and Mann’s alleged affair was reportedly discovered when another nanny for the couple found nude photos and texts arranging sex dates on the family iPad, which was set to sync to Rossdale’s phone via iCloud. When Stefani found out about the sexts she fired the nanny immediately, but Rossdale insisted it was all a misunderstanding and that Mann had an unrequited crush on him. When Stefani found out the truth, she left him for good. “This was done right under Gwen’s nose,” a source told Us Weekly. “She was mortified, livid and embarrassed.”

5. The affair is over, but the repercussions for Mann have just begun

“The relationship between Gavin and the nanny eventually ended,” a source told Radar Online, “but by then, it was just [too] late to save the marriage. Gwen had had enough.”

Unfortunately for Mann, she didn’t just lose her job — she lost her new boyfriend and all semblance of privacy since the affair has been made public. “Mindy’s boyfriend, the son of a Hollywood executive, has already dumped her over this,” another source told Radar. “Her life as a private citizen [is] over, and Mindy will always be linked to Gavin and Gwen.”

Mann appears to have locked down her social media accounts.

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