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Proof Nick Jonas could be Scream Queens‘ Red Devil (VIDEO)

Ugh, Scream Queens, you’re killin’ us!

Just when we think we’ve made some headway concerning our suspects list (it’s got to be those two babies, right?) and think we might have an idea who the crazy killers torturing the sisters at Kappa are, the show goes and throws another monkey wrench in our previous theories.

Not that we’re complaining that much, because the cause of our current confusion is all because a certain hottie who we thought was slashed returned to the show. That’s right, Boone is back, baby, and not only is he not dead, there’s also strong evidence he is one of Scream Queens‘ killers — or at the very least in cahoots with the Red Devil.

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Nick Jonas’ Boone showed up in last night’s episode just in time to lead us to believe that he is totally the killer. Did we mention he has a weird beard and was pumping some major iron?

While we can never be too sure that our suspicions are correct, Jonas revealed some spoilers in a recent video that may confirm he really is one of the show’s villains.

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“We basically see at the very end of the episode that he thinks he’s got a brilliant disguise on, that he’s been blending in perfectly with the normal crowd,” Jonas said of his reappearance in Episode 8. “Clearly he doesn’t. He’s not the brightest of the bunch. But it’s really setting up for him what’s upon to happen for him in the next episode.”

So what happens in the next episode?

“It really is that thing of… You think you know what’s happening, then something changes and totally flips it on its head,” Jonas said. “So I think you see very quickly with Boone that he’s probably more involved than you ever thought originally, and really kind of in the mix.”

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“In the mix” totally equals he’s a killer, right? Right?

We’ll have to just wait and see. Fox is sure doing a great job of feeding our Scream Queens addiction.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox. Watch Jonas talk about Boone in the clip below.

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