Teen Mom‘s Leah Messer reportedly drained her daughter’s trust fund

Leah Messer reportedly has a spending problem that is hurting her daughters more than it is hurting her.

According to insiders who spoke with In Touch, Messer has been draining her daughter’s trust fund account to shop for herself and buy expensive gadgets.

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As if that isn’t bad enough, Messer is also reportedly draining her daughter Ali’s account, specifically, because of Ali’s special needs. She has muscular dystrophy. Apparently, Messer can more easily skim money from the account because she can then say that money went to Ali’s necessary and ongoing medical expenses.

Unfortunately, the $50,000 that was reportedly in the account is now nearly gone, according to sources.

“The account was totally drained,” In Touch‘s source reports. “The money is supposed to go to college tuition, or in Ali’s case, medical needs. But Leah took all of it.”

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Ali’s father, Corey Simms, is reportedly furious about the missing funds and determined to get them back. The two also have another daughter together, Aleeah, who is Ali’s twin.

Starcasm reports that Simms is planning to sue Messer for the lost funds.

They also report that he is “going to make sure that Leah doesn’t do anything to jeopardize [the twins’] future.”

Messer already lost primary custody of her twins to Simms back in October.

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She has another daughter, Addie, with her other ex, Jeremy Calvert. It’s unclear as of now what action Calvert plans to take amid all of Messer’s reported scandals.

Messer has yet to comment on the accusations.

Do you think Messer is actually stealing her daughter’s trust fund money for her own shopping expenses?