Are the Scream Queens mysterious babies actually the Red Devils?

Nov 10, 2015 at 11:37 p.m. ET
Image: Patti Perret/FOX

Oh, baby. That was quite an episode. Just when Scream Queens fans think they have it all figured out, the shows throws them for a loop by adding even more to the complicated mess that is the Red Devils. Being the super sleuths (like Denise Hemphill) that they are, Pete and Grace stumbled upon the possibility that not only was Gigi once in the same insane asylum as Dean Munsch, but she had two babies with her: a boy and a girl. Let me allow you to catch your breath.

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Ready to move forward? Yeah, it was definitely a shock, especially with everyone focusing on the mysterious bathtub baby. As to whether one of these babies is the bathtub baby, well that remains to be seen. Actually, there's not a lot known about the boy and the girl, other than that they probably are the two Red Devils. Come on, it makes complete sense.


First of all, there are two killers and two babies, so yeah. It's not rocket science. It was also finally revealed that Boone is indeed one of the killers. While in "disguise" at the gym (FYI, everyone thought he was Joaquin Phoenix based on his very sad beard), Boone took a phone call where he's clearly talking to the other Red Devil. He said, "All I do is work out and kill people." He then went on to mention that Gigi's a huge problem, a weak link and that she's to blame for getting them into this mess. Boone then added, "We take her out and we finish what we set out to do." If you grew up with someone in an insane asylum (for at least part of your life), that surely bonds you and might even make you want to do bad things — like kill.

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That all translates to: Boone and the girl baby are the Red Devils, working with Gigi and getting some kind of revenge by killing people.

All right, I'm not completely certain that's what it means, but I have a feeling I'm pretty spot-on. Does this mean the babies are brother and sister? It's a possibility. There's also a chance that one of the babies (probably the girl, seeing as the bathtub baby is suspected to be a girl) is the bathtub baby and somehow Gigi got her hands on another child. Maybe she gave birth to her own child/son? Whatever the case, the girl baby definitely isn't Grace, or so it seems based on all that information Chanel pieced together about Grace's mother's past, aka the KKT sister who was obsessed with "Waterfalls."

So that rules out one suspect, right? Who really knows at this point, but there's no doubt the plot continues to thicken, and I can't wait to see who was on the other end of Boone's phone call.

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