Big Freedia reveals what she regrets not doing in Germany

Nov 12, 2015 at 1:00 a.m. ET
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It's finale time, ya heard me? Hopefully this isn't the end-end and you may be seeing more of me soon! We'll see! In the meantime, the finale: On to Berlin.

Big Freedia in Berlin
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All of you reading this simply must go. What a gorgeous place — and me and my crew's first time! Ummm, it wasn't what I had imagined at all. So much great art and music in Berlin right now. It reminded me of New Orleans. Are we allowed to twerk on that graffiti wall? Maybe we did and I'm waiting to share that behind-the-scenes footage?!

Big Freedia graffiti wall
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Currywurst: Well, it was the least favorite experience in Berlin. My favorite food on the menu while there was the sausage hash. There is one thing I didn't have time to do that I really regretted missing while in Germany: I really wanted to go to some clubs I kept hearing about, but no time.

Big Freedia exhibit
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Then again, to have my face plastered on the "New Orleans: Sound of a City" exhibit was over the top! Yes, I did donate my favorite jacket (no, that's not Michael Jackson's "Thriller" jacket!). That was one my Uncle Percy made for me years ago when I was running the club scene in NOLA. I kinda hated to part with it, but it went to a good cause. But that part of the exhibit wasn't even my favorite. My favorite part, of course, was seeing all the NOLA culture represented. And when we saw the Hurricane Katrina photos, as you can see, it was very emotional. Everyone in the city and far away, too, wanted to roll up their sleeves to help after that hurricane. I remember after the hurricane, I returned to NOLA from Texas. We started FEMA Fridays at the Republic because everyone needed to come together and heal.

Big Freedia in Berlin club
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What about the nightlife? But Peaches threw down for me with that party. I really want a room like that club had. In that room, I'd put my Jason Mecier Big Freedia junk art piece (you saw it in the "Twerk of Art" gallery episode) and all the other memorabilia — album covers, posters, photos — that I've collected over the years. Y'all know I'm also an interior designer, right? Girl down! Yasssss. Have been doing it for decades!

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Big Freedia fashion show
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Larry Tee's fashion show reminded me of the fashion shows we used to do for fun at school as a kid.

When Flash hit the ground, I was really concerned, since it also reminded me of my many shoulder injuries and that decision on surgery I now have to face. But, thankfully, he is a resilient kid and we are all OK now!

See you again soon? Hope so!

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