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CMTU fans plead with Richard to be open about his feelings

On this week’s Christina Milian Turned Up, Danielle Milian and husband Rich demonstrate different coping mechanisms after arriving at a decision about Danielle’s pregnancy.

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Christina Milian
Image: E!

On last week’s season premiere, viewers learned Danielle and Rich were being faced with a difficult decision about Danielle’s pregnancy — their son had been diagnosed with omphalocele, a condition in which some of his organs were outside the body, and was given a 53 percent chance of survival. While terminating the pregnancy was suggested, on Tuesday’s episode, Danielle and Rich decided to go ahead and carry the baby to term. Fans of the show immediately rallied around the couple.

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Despite the uncertainty, Danielle opted for a pregnancy photo shoot, in which she looked totally fabulous. Richard, however, lashed out about it, in front of the family, as well as to Carmen individually. It was uncomfortable to watch, and although fans understood that Richard had to express his own frustration and fear, they weren’t always happy about the way he was doing it or to whom he was doing it.

Rich and Danielle just got some of the worst news parents can get and then made a very personal decision about the health of their unborn child and the future of their family. There’s no right way to feel or react in a situation like this. Danielle chose to commemorate being pregnant with the photo shoot. Rich lashed out at whomever he could find and, unfortunately, those people were his family and there happened to be a camera crew there at the time.

It’s an extraordinary situation no matter what, but having E! there to record it can’t have helped. That’s the problem with reality TV, after all — you can’t predict the course of things, so even in the darkest of moments, there might be cameras there. We don’t know what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling, but we do know that the ability and willingness to cry in public (or at all) isn’t encouraged for men. Rich is definitely expected to hold it together for Danielle and the pressure to do that is overwhelming, so it’s no wonder he’s having outbursts. No two people experience fear or grief in the same way and, therefore, it’s likely that for the time being, and moving forward, Rich is going to continue being unpredictable and Danielle probably will, too. Hopefully, fans keep supporting the couple as they go through something more difficult than most of us can even imagine.

Image: E!

What did you think of Rich’s behavior tonight? Is he holding back? Should his feelings be more transparent?

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