RHOC‘s Brooks Ayers caught in another cancer lie by hospital staff

Brooks Ayers’ tangled web of lies is unraveling faster than he can keep up with it, after a hospital representative disproved one of his biggest pieces of proof that he has cancer.

Ayers has been accused by pretty much the entire cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County of faking his cancer for attention and air time, and one of the ways he tried to defend himself was by producing an itemized bill of his chemotherapy treatments at City of Hope medical center as proof of his illness.

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Only problem is that City of Hope says he has never been treated for cancer there.

During the E! interview, Ayers produced documents for “David B. Ayers” — his legal name — with the City of Hope logo with line-item billing entries totaling $33,000.

“These are the three bills that reference the days I got my treatment,” he claimed. “I’m not going to say I’m in remission. That’s not going to be the case until my numbers have normalized and that’s the word that was used to me.

“I have more tests coming up in two months. I go back every 90 days. I don’t get a scan every 90 days but I get blood work done every 90 days.”

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But a hospital rep told E! News that they have never treated anyone by that name at any of their facilities, and an investigation by the new source showed inconsistencies in the logo on Ayers’ so-called bill versus the facility’s actual logo, suggesting it was a forgery.

Ayers’ document also had the address spelled differently than official hospital documents, used the phrase “invoice #” instead of “medical record number” and while he claimed he printed it out via the patient portal, the hospital rep said invoices are not available online.

So what’s really going on here? It’s pretty obvious.

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Ayers has not yet commented on this new revelation.

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