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6 Things to know about Selena Gomez’s rumored new beau, Samuel Krost

Is Selena Gomez putting the Biebs behind her once and for all? Pics of the singer holding hands with model Samuel Krost while leaving Cipriani in New York certainly seem to suggest so. But who, exactly, is Krost?

To state the obvious, not Bieber — in fact, Gomez’s high-profile ex just admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that he hasn’t given up hope that he and Gomez might one day rekindle their romance.

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Since splitting with Bieber, though, Gomez has been enjoying a taste of the single life. In October, just before the release of her album, Revival, she told Flare magazine, “I’m really stoked about being with myself right now.” Of course, that doesn’t mean Gomez isn’t game for a little company. Enter Krost.

So what do we know about Gomez’s potential new squeeze? Here are a few deets we’ve unearthed.

1. He runs with famous friends

If Krost looks familiar at all, it’s likely because you’ve seen him before — even if you didn’t realize who he was at the time. Krost, it turns out, is best friends with model (and Gomez pal) Gigi Hadid. The two are often seen chumming around NYC together.

So perhaps this pairing is Hadid’s doing?

2. He’s immersed in the fashion world

In addition to reportedly being a model, Krost dwells in the fashion realm at his day job as a sales and merchandising executive at Onia, according to his LinkedIn profile. He previously worked at fashion powerhouse Helmut Lang.

3. He isn’t just a pretty face

Krost is apparently pretty smart, too, given he graduated this year from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in business. Did I mention he was cum laude, on the dean’s list and a Tisch Scholar as well? Yeah, this tall drink of water seems to be equal parts beauty and brains. He also participated in a study abroad program during his undergrad years, traveling to Madrid. The classes under his belt include accounting, marketing, financial management, sport law, business development, applied research, psychology and consumer behavior.

4. He has good intentions

Also on his LinkedIn profile, Krost lists causes he cares about, including children, civil rights and social action, education, health, disaster and humanitarian relief, and poverty alleviation. He is also actively seeking a nonprofit board to join. Nice! It sounds like he has a big heart, and we know from chatting with Gomez about her work with UNICEF that she does, too.

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5. He has excellent taste in at least one movie

For Halloween this year, Krost made the party rounds with Hadid and their other BFF, model Colly, during which time Krost donned a costume that coordinated with Hadid’s. So what did the platonic pals dress up as? Hadid slayed as Sandy and Krost as Danny from the classic 1978 movie Grease.

6. He can be silly

In this YouTube video, Krost is seen joking around with pals Leah and Ryan McCarthy. And, really, who doesn’t like a guy who isn’t afraid to get a little goofy from time to time? Gomez has endured a few rough spots in the past couple of years, so a little levity could be just what she needs.

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