Vanderpump Rules: 8 Times we couldn't even with James

Nov 10, 2015 at 4:10 p.m. ET

Last season on Vanderpump Rules, James Kennedy was a tertiary player. He was simply the British busboy who was dating everybody's favorite hot mess, Kristen Doute. This season, however, Kennedy seems to have taken on a much bigger role. We're only two episodes in and Kennedy's in practically every scene. Is that a good thing? Not really. But we can't stop watching.

After Kennedy's antics on Monday's show, we're pretty much done with him. His behavior was inexcusable, to say the least. Will we keep on watching? Duh. But we can't even with this guy.

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Here's why we're pretty much done with James Kennedy.

1. He laughed about cheating on Doute

james kennedy
Image: Bravo

Dude. If you don't like your girlfriend, break up with her. No one is going to fault you for that — especially when your girlfriend is Doute. But to lie to her face about "just kissing" someone and then laugh to the camera and say you were "definitely boning" is gross. Why tell a half-truth? Just say everything. Was it entertaining? OK, fine, it was. But it was gross.

2. He's a sloppy drunk


The way Kennedy acted at Scheana Shay's 30th birthday party was just: No. Dude drank waaaay too much and clearly didn't know how to handle his liquor. Though not sure anyone other than a walrus would be able to handle that much liquor. Give yourself a maximum cap, bro. And drink some water.

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3. He doesn't stop talking smack about Doute to the camera

kristen doute
Image: Tumblr

Again, if you don't like her, break up with her. In the course of two episodes, Kennedy has said numerous times that he would choose his burgeoning DJ career over Doute. Fair enough. But how much does he have to say it? It only makes him look ridiculous for continuing to date her.

4. He passes the buck


Remember when Lisa Vanderpump tried to reprimand Kennedy about getting into a fight at her other restaurant, Pump, when he was working? And he totally blamed it on Doute's drinking? Man up, mate. Everything can't be Doute's fault.

5. George Michael is his godfather


OK, this doesn't make him unlikable, but how weird is that?

6. He's cocky


Kennedy isn't exactly the worst person to look at in the world, but is this really necessary?

7. He smokes


Not cool, James, not cool. Your lungs can't even with you.

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8. He takes way too many selfies


Again, Kennedy certainly isn't a bad-looking guy, but holy selfie! If you look at his Instagram page, it rivals a 14-year-old girl's. There are so many pics of him. Yes, you're good-looking, James. It's well documented. Now, take some photos of your coffee or something.

What do you think of James Kennedy? Are you happy to be seeing more of him this season?