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Rihanna’s new music video will reportedly feature some expensive BDSM gear

Rihanna has a thing for fetish gear, and she’s willing to fork out thousands to get just what she wants.

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According to TMZ, Rihanna got a custom-made latex number created from The Stockroom, a popular BDSM store located in Silverlake, California — and she needed the outfit in a hurry.

A rep for the store told the gossip site that Rihanna’s stylist reached out to them over the weekend and requested that the product be created within 48 hours. The order was reportedly for a music video that she will be shooting on Monday and Tuesday in Los Angeles, California, which will see Rihanna kitted out in more than $2,000 worth of latex.

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According to TMZ, Rihanna’s stylist requested a full-body black and dark navy catsuit created by Syren Couture latex, a premium latex company. And Rihanna had to give some very specific measurements, including her “crotch,” “”shoulder top to top nipple” and “nipple to nipple.”

After this news, we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of fans looking forward to seeing this video (and Rihanna’s outfit).

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