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Vicki Gunvalson accused of cheating on her first husband

The drama surrounding The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Vicki Gunvalson and her love interests doesn’t seem to be dying down now that Brooks is out of the picture. We are now seeing reports that she may have cheated on her first husband… with her new boyfriend!

Yeah… you read that right.

The details seems to be all speculation, but The Real Mr. Housewife claims to have a production source who can dish all the details — and the website has taken the time to go back through old episodes to corroborate it.

The source said, “Fans may remember that Vicki went to Cabo San Lucas with Tamra Judge back in August of 2010 during taping for Season 6. There’s a scene where they were doing shots in the pool and met a man — that man was Smith Walker!”

Smith Walker is rumored to be Gunvalson’s newest beau.

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Thankfully, The Real Mr. Housewife did some sleuthing to screenshot the mystery man to back up this source, as well as score a photo from Walker’s own website for comparison — and I have to say, they look like they could be the same guy.

But that’s not all. The source also says, “Fans may also remember that Tamra brought up this guy at the reunion, in May of 2011, claiming Vicki had called her and claimed she woke up naked next to a guy,” the source continued. “Vicki swore on her grandchild that it wasn’t true, but it was — and it was Smith Walker she was next to. She slept with him while she was still married to Donn, as this was August of 2010 and she didn’t file for divorce from Donn until October of 2010.”

Mind blown, right?

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The insider concluded, “While some thought Brooks was who she cheated on Donn with, this simply wasn’t the case. Vicki has been trying to already spin a story that she’s only known this man for four years, so that people won’t put the pieces together, but that’s not true. She has stayed in touch with Smith since she met him five years ago, even while Brooks and her were together. In fact, Brooks even caught her texting with Smith while they were in a relationship. Her stepping out with him in public is, simply, shocking.”

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What do you think about these shocking new revelations? Are you surprised by Gunvalson’s alleged actions?

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