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Teen Mom star shares impressive pics from bodybuilding competition(PHOTOS)

A great big shoutout to Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit.

Douthit is just slightly obsessed with fitness, and if you’ve taken a glance at her social media accounts, you would know she’s been preparing for her first bodybuilding competition. Now, after weeks and months of training and dieting, her hard work is paying off. On Saturday Douthit, who is a mother of two, competed in the Grand Prix Championship bodybuilding competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

She has been keeping her fans up-to-date on her training routine, diet and posing as the weeks have gone on, and although she didn’t reveal how she placed this weekend, she did post a lovely photo of her and her husband Josh McKee, with a sweet message. In the caption she praised her hubby for all his love and support on her bodybuilding journey.

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Just last week, Douthit posted this photo showing her in a bikini, telling her fans about how much she just ate and worked out, and giving them a short glimpse into the grueling hard work of preparing for a competition such as this.

And this photo of her working on posing in her competition bikini (yes, they have to practice their poses so they can show off their muscles flexed in certain positions). In the photo, she laments her back as a weak point in her training, but is happy to see progress.

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Fans all over both her Instagram and Facebook page have been pouring out the kudos all over these photos, congratulating Douthit on her hard work and telling her how good they think she looks.

It is inspiring to see someone set a lofty goal and then chronicle their hard work to get there. What a great example she sets for her children and fans. Nicely done, Mackenzie, and we look forward to seeing the photos as you prepare for the next competition and seeing you grow in this sport!

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