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Vanderpump Rules‘ fans shame Scheana & Katie for recent cruel behavior

On Vanderpump Rules, it’s the newest member of the SUR staff who gets the chilliest of receptions from the old guard.

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Tom, Ariana, James
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If you’re a longtime watcher of Vanderpump Rules, you might remember that when Scheana first arrived at SUR in Season 1, Stassi immediately had it out for her, because she was the new girl and also because she knew Scheana had slept with a married man and didn’t trust her around her then-boyfriend Jax. She didn’t make any effort to even pretend otherwise, and organized her girl gang, which was then composed of Kristen and Katie, to treat Scheana badly, hoping that she’d go back to Villa Blanca (or just drop off the face of the planet).

Now, three seasons later, there’s another new girl at SUR, Lala, and ironically, it’s Scheana, along with Katie, who have it out for her, to the dismay of fans, who also have their theories about why they’re lashing out.

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Regardless of the reasons for Katie and Scheana’s behavior towards Lala, it’s pretty hard to overlook certain ironies: Katie and Scheana hated each other until midway through Season 3, when Scheana finally made friendship overtures and apologies, and Katie finally severed her toxic relationship with Stassi. The most giant of all the ironies, though, is the fact that Scheana’s disdain for Lala seems to be directly connected to her sexual behavior. If Stassi succeeded in doing anything during Season 1, it was to make sure that everyone within one hundred miles of SUR knew that Scheana had slept with Eddie Cibrian while he was married to Brandi Glanville, and sold the story to a tabloid. Scheana has never denied that she slept with Cibrian, although she has claimed she didn’t know he was married until their relationship was pretty far along. The point is, fans are in firm agreement that Scheana, of all people, shouldn’t be criticizing another woman’s sexual decisions.

It’s possible that Scheana’s attempting to be the Stassi of this season, and/or that she’s gotten extra smug about other people’s relationships now that she’s married (although it doesn’t seem like that’s going particularly well). Either way, it wasn’t cool when Stassi did it to Scheana, and it’s not cool now. Things didn’t end awesomely for Stassi in terms of her friendships — she was essentially left with no one at the end of last season — and it would be a shame to see Scheana isolate herself in a similar way. There’s still time to make sure that doesn’t happen, Scheana. Think about it.

Image: Bravo

What do you think about the way Scheana and Katie are treating Lala? Are they doing it just for attention?

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