Blood & Oil: Why Wick’s girlfriend totally got what she deserved

Blood & Oil sure didn’t waste any time rubbing Jules’ mistakes in her face.

But it’s hard to feel bad for her.

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Obviously sleeping with a father/son duo is just asking for trouble. Normally, I’m all for ladies doing whatever makes them happy in the bedroom. But not when that happiness has the potential to completely destroy a family.

Plus, the fact that she felt the need to sleep with Hap and Wick wasn’t because of some happiness goal. It was because something inside her is messed up.

Either way, she is clearly going on the losing end of whatever romantic ideals she had floating around in her head when this super messed up love triangle began.

As Hap even said tonight, the Briggs family might not always get along, but when someone from the outside threatens them, the wagons circle. It’ll be interesting to see if he holds to that proclamation now that Jules is the threat and their relationship is out of the bag.

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How she ever thought she could make a relationship work while also sleeping with Hap is well beyond me, but Wick’s speech tonight put her in her place in the best possible way.

There is no amount of “I love hims” that could have saved Jules from Wick’s wrath tonight. And the boy deserved to be angry.

And he wasn’t just angry at Jules. What he’s got planned for his father is much, much worse. This definitely isn’t all Jules’ fault. Hap is just as much to blame.

Where Wick is concerned, Hap can forget those circling wagons for good. Wick wants to all-out abandon Hap to rot in a prison cell for the rest of his life. And it’s a punishment that would absolutely fit Hap’s myriad of crimes. Something tells me we haven’t even seen the half of them yet.

Wick is one of the only characters of the show who is even potentially redeemable at this point. Jules and Hap are so low on that totem pole that they deserve each other.

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Unfortunately for Wick, he’s the one who’s crossed the line with the law in so many questionable ways that he’ll probably be the one rotting away in a cell before Hap ever sees an orange jumpsuit. Sad, but the truth. Because Hap isn’t going down without a fight, and Wick doesn’t seem to have much fight left at this point.

Not to mention the fact that Cody’s attacker woke up at the end of the episode and probably won’t hesitate to point the finger of blame at Wick. On top of that, Jules knows Wick’s secret about the oil fire. And since Wick told her she was just another one of Hap’s conquests to be tossed aside, she probably isn’t too keen on keeping his secrets right now.

Jury’s still out on Billy’s long-term moral potential, what with his proclivity for lying to Cody so early in the game. And every other character on the show only seems to have the get rich quick motive fueling their every action.

Do you think Wick did the right thing letting Jules have it on tonight’s Blood & Oil?