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Quantico: Suspicions fall on a terror cell — are our recruits finally safe?

It looks like Agent Parrish finally has a credible suspect outside the FBI, but will it be enough to clear her name?

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Holy bomb threats! Tonight’s episode of Quantico was pretty explosive — and now that suspicions are falling on an outside terrorist cell, it’s looking like Parrish is actually getting closer to clearing her name… if she can just survive long enough to bring the real terrorist to justice.

Last week, Quantico left Parrish and Haas thinking that Nimah and Raina might be at the center of the attack, but we quickly learned this week that the twins have been undercover in a terrorist cell on American soil.

This new twist was particularly exciting, since we got to watch the recruits all work together to disarm a faux bomb tonight — with that much togetherness, it’s heartbreaking to imagine one of the people in that room betraying everyone.

All season long we’ve been scratching our heads over which one of Parrish’s Quantico peers could be responsible for blowing up Grand Central Station — but we were just following Agent O’Connor’s suspiciously pointed finger. What if, in his desire to skewer Parrish, O’Connor has just sent all of us on a wild goose chase (and wasted the FBI’s valuable time)?

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Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re clearing O’Connor, because he is most definitely still guilty of some major shady business… I mean, why does he have it out for Parrish in the first place? And why did he let Booth take the fall for whatever happened under his watch in Chicago? Tonight’s episode brought us a little bit closer to finding out, but not close enough.

But the truth isn’t the only thing getting closer… Parrish and Booth shared more than a few steamy moments, giving us hope that they’ll wind up rekindling the romance. A possibility that seems more and more likely, with Parrish’s confession tonight that Booth should get away from her because everyone she cares about winds up getting hurt.

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But what’s going to happen now that Booth’s been shot? Agent Vasquez, who turned everyone in, decided to let Parrish run off with the bleeding hottie, but to what end? And will the twins be safe now that their cover has been blown?

Basically, we can’t believe we have to wait a whole week to see what happens next.

What do you think? Is the terrorist cell responsible for the bomb, or is it just a red herring? Tell us in the comments below.

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