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The Walking Dead: 6 Theories about where the blood on the wall is coming from

After an extended Morgan-centric episode last week, fans who were ready to get back to Alexandria’s real-time problems got their wish — tonight’s episode kicked off with a frantic Rick barely making it back through the gate, a throng of chomping zombies closing in fast.

We also saw (Spoiler alert! If you have not watched this week’s episode, you’ve been warned) two potential romances budding, found out Maggie is pregnant and watched Deanna morph into a badass or a stark raving lunatic. Admittedly, it’s kind of a fine line in the zombie apocalypse.

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And, as intriguing as all of these developments were, it was the final scene that had me scratching my head. As Deanna walks along the perimeter of the gate after trolling the zombies just beyond, blood appears to be running down the interior wall.

I was not alone in wondering about the meaning and potential implications of this wall blood, either.

What does the blood on the wall mean for Rick and the rest of the people in Alexandria? Naturally, there are a few possible ways this could go as far as the source of the blood and what it heralds for our apocalyptic friends. So, where is the blood coming from?

1. Spencer

First of all, WTH, Spence? You went from hero to zero in about five minutes flat tonight. When a bunch of random people who will inevitably die before I actually learn their names started raiding the pantry, Deanna’s surviving son made a stirring speech that had me all…

Fast forward a couple of scenes, and he’s getting drunk and chowing down on stolen items from the very pantry he just preached to the other people about raiding. Deanna calls him out, at which point he reads her the riot act. Granted, he made some good points — but you don’t talk to your mama like that, even if it is the zombie apocalypse. Tut, tut. The next time we see Spencer, he relieves Rosie on the wall (he’s eating pilfered crackers, mind you). So he could very well have either hurt himself or perhaps somehow fallen prey to a walker, and that blood is dripping down from him on the watchtower.

2. A wayward walker

It’s also entirely plausible that the point in the wall Deanna walks past with blood dripping isn’t remotely near the watchtower. Who can tell? The blood could still be coming from above, only instead of belonging to Spencer it could be coming from a walker. It may not signal the end of the world for everyone, but that rogue walker could signal the end of the world for at least one unlucky Alexandrianite.

3. A throng of walkers

I find this theory to be the second most likely, outside of Spencer. In this scenario, the blood isn’t coming from above — rather, it is oozing from the rivets in the wall. What I imagine this means is that the throng of zombies is becoming so overwhelming that they are literally starting to squish each other against the wall due to the sheer pressure of their mindless forward momentum. This would obviously also serve as a major warning sign the walls can’t possibly hold much longer.

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4. Ron

This would be entirely tragic and, therefore, hopefully unlikely. However, dark times are upon Alexandria, so it isn’t completely out of the question. In one of the rare moments we have seen Ron not in the midst of a fit of teen angst, he goes to Rick on the watchtower and asks Rick to teach him how to shoot. Rick unloads the gun of all but one bullet, and then the implication is that Rick shows him how to shoot by using a walker as target practice. Since this whole exchange seems so out of character for Ron, maybe Ron sneaked back up to the platform that evening and hurt himself while trying to shoot a walker or, in general, prove something to his mom, Rick, Carl, whoever. Clearly, this would likely nip the ‘ship between Rick and Jessie in the bud.

5. Carl

Let’s just say Ron did have a change of heart and has decided to change his moody teen ways, in which case he probably wasn’t up on that platform. However, we know from his slap-fight with Carl earlier that afternoon that Carl was itching to head beyond the gates to hunt for their mutual crush, Enid. Although Rick presumably found Carl that afternoon, it’s not crazy to think that Carl might have tried to sneak out that evening and somehow have gotten hurt. The thing is, we know Rick is going to spiral here soon. The season teaser trailer revealed that, at some point, a Ricktatorship would develop and Morgan would try to “stop” Rick. Carl dying would certainly push Rick over the edge.

6. Glenn

Listen, I’m not ready to give up on Glenn yet — and you shouldn’t be either. Maggie isn’t! She scrubbed his name off the wall, right? I caught some flak last week for suggesting the show was hinting at Glenn’s survival, but I refuse to say goodbye to Glenn until I see his walker body weaving through a sea of the undead. And even then, I’ll probably try to convince myself (and possibly you) that this is all a dream. Having said that, maybe Glenn somehow made it back to Alexandria and is crawling over the wall as we speak. It’s a lovely thought, isn’t it?

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