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The Amazing Race: Too many of the teams made frustratingly stupid mistakes

Oh captain, my captain…

I need a stiff drink after this week’s episode. Mainly because I think half the teams were hitting the bottle themselves with the number of stupid mistakes and moves that were made tonight. How many mistakes were made? Well, let me lay out a few of them for you.

Team Chac Attack

These two just couldn’t get it together at all. First, they missed the stop to Rotterdam en route to the Roadblock because they thought they were heading to Amsterdam. Repeat after me: Rotterdam is not Amsterdam. Lucky for them, they figured it out before they got too far past their stop, but still. Next, they opted to wait for a bus instead of taking a taxi to get to the Detour and sat there for what seemed like forever. They get there (finally), and when they leave the Detour to get to The Pit Stop, they… wait for it… take the wrong tram. If you’re keeping count, that’s three transportation goofs in one leg.

Amazing Race tweet from @syentst
Image: @syentst/Twitter

Team Texas

It seems so long ago when Team Texas seemed on top of their game. These guys acted like they were just dropped into this game for the first time tonight. They literally bumbled-fracked their way through this whole leg. Who, upon realizing they have a cushion of time, decides to go sightseeing in the city they’re in? Apparently these two, that’s who. They saw the Eiffel Tower, had a bite to eat (but Tex-Mex is where it’s still at, yo.) and then finally get to the train station where it finally dawns on them that maybe it wasn’t the best of ideas.

If you wondered why the Fitbits were so important during the past two legs, it was to prove that math isn’t Team Texas’ strong suit. Simple math, boys. Take two Fitbit stats, figure out the difference and that’s the number of tulips you have to take to get your next clue. It’s not Algebra 3…. And finally, Team Texas proved tonight that herding cattle is probably easier for them than being at the helm of a ship. Maybe there were too many lights and blinky things, but I’m honestly surprised they’re not still trying to navigate the stormy seas.

Amazing Race @stevelovesrevel
Image: @stevelovesrevel/Twitter

How to pronounce The Hague

Did anyone get this pronunciation right?! Nothing screams ignorance more than Americans who have no grasp of how to pronounce foreign cities and countries’ names. So for all the teams who couldn’t pronounce it (and no team mispronounced it the same), it’s pronounced [heyg].

Amazing Race tweet from @jmariemezzo
Image: @jmariemezzo/Twitter

Even though there were so many stupid mistakes tonight, I don’t want to end on such a negative note. I have to give some major props to The Cheerleaders for all the improvement they’ve made. They are the only team who chose Double Dutch as their Detour because they knew that it was going to be a task they could nail. And they were spot-on with that decision. Also — can we give a shout-out to Team Alabama for not giving up?! These two are like the little engine who could. Even they are surprised when they pull another win out of their hat. Just goes to show that anything can happen in this game.

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What was the most stupid move made tonight in your opinion? Would you have made the same decisions that Team Chac Attack did?

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