Shark Tank fans go wild for Robert Herjavec's dance moves

Nov 7, 2015 at 12:55 a.m. ET
Image: ABC

Robert Herjavec may now feel at home on the dance floor, but his true environment is Shark Tank, where he attempts to transform intriguing ideas into incredibly profitable business ventures. If tonight's episode of Shark Tank is any indication, Herjavec's long hours in the dance studio paid off.

Herjavec is a breath of fresh air on Shark Tank, which sometimes gets bogged down with a bit too much negativity. It's always nice to hear feedback from a guy who cares about way more than just making a whole lot of money. It's also fun to see Herjavec goofing off with his fellow Sharks and encouraging entrepreneurs of all ages and with a variety of life stories.

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Sometimes, when he's checking out a new product, Herjavec just wants to let loose. That's exactly what he did tonight on Shark Tank after encountering a fitness product known as the Simply Fit Board.

Before Herjavec stole the show, entrepreneurs Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman explained that the board was designed to help users lose weight  — and gain balance. Based on Mark Cuban's brief time on the board, he has terrible balance. This is definitely not true of Herjavec, who showed off a few of his finest DWTS moves while standing on the board.

Simply Fit
Image: ABC

It was a brief moment — far shorter than the extensively rehearsed numbers that make it to the stage on Dancing with the Stars. However, a few seconds really were all that fans needed to see in order to know that Herjavec learned something during his time on DWTS.

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Robert Herjavec
Image: ABC

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Fans went wild when Herjavec grooved out on the Simply Fit Board, with even Barbara Corcoran commenting on the amusing moment.


Although he enjoyed reliving his DWTS glory days while balancing on the Simply Fit Board, Herjavec ultimately decided that there was "nothing proprietary" about the product. He was actually the first Shark to back out, although there was plenty of interest from Queen of QVC Lori Greiner and self-described QVC King Kevin O'Leary. Ultimately, Clark and Hoffman made a smart choice and opted for Greiner's excellent offer. They might not have the opportunity to see Herjavec using their product as a dance accessory on a regular basis, but with Greiner's backing, the two are bound to do well.

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