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Step it Up: Traci Young-Byron’s 5 hottest hairstyles

Traci Young-Byron stands out before she or her students even take the dance floor. All she needs to make an impression is a brightly-colored head of hair! Young-Byron’s love of unorthodox hair was highlighted during tonight’s episode of Step it Up, when she nearly suffered the indignity of having burgundy tresses.

Traci Braid
Image: Lifetime

1. Rocking a headband.

Not every woman can rock a headband, but accessorizing is clearly Young-Byron’s forte. For those who do wear headbands, the accessory is usually the most colorful part of any given hairstyle. This is certainly not the case for Young-Byron; her headband is muted compared to her hair!

Traci in the studio
Image: Lifetime

2. Sleek, with purple streaks.

This may be the closest Young-Byron has had to a “normal” hairdo in recent history. Like the rest of her looks, this style stands out, but in a much different way than her usual high-top. Of course, Young-Byron would be remiss if she were to leave purple out, which is why she made a point of including a few colorful streaks in her hair.

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3. The Supa-Braid.

This may not be a look frequently seen on Step it Up, but fans hope that Young-Byron and her distinctive braid will make an appearance sooner than later. Until then, they will have to make do with this memorable social media update, in which Young-Byron advised her followers to #bedifferent.

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4. Any color that’s not burgundy.

It is very unusual to see Young-Byron without some shade of pink or purple in her hair. One color that will definitely not be featured in the near future? Burgundy! During tonight’s episode of Step it Up, Young-Byron was not happy when her beloved hairstylist suggested burgundy as a possible new shade. According to Young-Byron, burgundy is reserved for old ladies. It’s definitely not an appropriate color for a supa dance teacher! Young-Byron is by no means the only person who takes issue with this hue; multiple fans expressed their disdain on Twitter:

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High-Top on Step it Up
Image: Lifetime

5. The standard high-top.

Young-Byron can rock a wide variety of colors and styles, but her go-to look is the most eye-catching of them all. She absolutely adores the high-top, as she admitted in a previous interview with SheKnows. This is the look Young-Byron most frequently returns to for major events, and it’s also the style seen in many of her interview clips.

Fans love seeing Young-Byron’s constantly-changing hairstyles — and one has a new idea for making Step it Up that much more interesting:

What do you think of Young-Byron’s hair? Do you have a favorite Step it Up ‘do? Comment and share your opinion below.

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