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The Jacksons: 6 Reasons why the show should have a second season

On Friday night, The Jacksons wrapped up its first season — a brief six-episode stint — and fans are already clamoring for a Season 2 (they have been since early on). Here are six reasons why this show should come back for a second go around.

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Image: Lifetime

1. The fate of 3T

In the season finale episode, we learned that TJ and Taryll would be stepping back from 3T, although Chapter III, their latest album, is out right now. Will their attempt at distance stick or will they go back to the group? Given all of the drama we’ve seen in such a short period of time concerning the future of the group, there’s no telling what could happen in a second season.

2. TJ and Frances

These two are absolutely a fan-favorite couple — they’ve been referred to as “marriage goals” more than once on Twitter. With so much to handle — six kids between them — they’re still the most grounded of the couples on the show and they’re overwhelmingly supportive of one another and their children. It’s nice to see such a stable relationship that’s also fun to watch, especially when, um, others aren’t in such great shape.

3. Breana and Taryll

The future is not looking so good for these two, even after eight years together, especially after the season finale, when Breana appalled fans with some needy and entitled behavior. Will they finally get married in a second season? Or will they go their separate ways? Let’s hope something will happen to move them out of this miserable state they’re in.

Image: Lifetime

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4. Kids

Blanket! Prince! Dee! Jojo! Royal! Rio! It’s always great getting to see the kids on this show — they’re part of what the fans love about it; the feeling that we’re being invited into an intimate part of the Jacksons’ lives, and that includes the kids.

5. More celebrity sightings

This season included a visit from the Kardashians, and some pretty juicy gossip surfaced about Kim Kardashian and TJ’s past. There’s no telling who might emerge as a friend of the family in a second season or who might pay a visit. With this crew, the possibilities are limitless.

6. More “relatives” coming out of the woodwork

“Everyone wants to be a Jackson” are words we’ve heard often during this short season. The brothers confronted Tanay Jackson, who claimed to be Tito’s daughter, and asked her to take a DNA test, which proved that she wasn’t exactly a Jackson, but nevertheless close with the family. It’s unclear whether or not this season’s interactions with Tanay were intended to bring more publicity to the show, but since we know how much people want to get inside the Jackson clan, a second season could only hold more potential for “family” drama.

Image: Lifetime

What were your favorite moments from the first season of The Jacksons? Do you want to see a second season?

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